If you were to visit my “Interiors” board over on Pinterest, the first thing you’d notice is that there is a lot of white. Like, an overwhelming amount of white, disproportionate, even. Like, might-not-have-been-born-with-the-ability-to-see-colors white. I could go on, but all you really to need know it (in case you have not gleaned this about me by now) is that I love all-white interiors. Preferably Scandinavian, though the French run a close second. (Random side story: over the past weekend, during a particularly competitive game of flip cup, a new recruit was placed on boyfriend’s team, and we racially-profiled decided he looked like he had wandered out of an IKEA catalog, so there were definite chants of “IKEA! IKEA! IKEA!” as he chugged his beer. Wait, where was I going with this? Some Scandinavian reference? Pretend this made sense, thanks!)

ANYWAY, here are some inspiring interiors that happen to be all white. Don’t say you didn’t see this coming.

from here

Is this not the most perfect dining room you’ve ever seen? Check out that door. And those windows! My goodness, do people actually live like this? Do they need a roommate?

from here

I don’t care if I kicked the wall every night, I’d gladly sleep here. Though I’d have to invest in a sleep mask because LOOK AT ALL THAT LIGHT.

from here

Distressed leather chair, French typography poster, single bulb pendant lamp, white floors and walls. Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you asked for a list of Things About This Photo That Make Me┬áHyperventilate.

from here

In all of my wildest interior design fantasies, this is the exact entry hallway I’ve pictured, right down to the painted white brick (!!) and a skylight.

both from here

You’d think these two would be in Sweden somewhere, wouldn’t you? It’s surprisingly New York. Interior Designer Magdalena Keck is a genius and someone should just give her Swedish citizenship for her ability to make me weep openly over how badly I want that kitchen.


from here

This hallway is ten kinds of perfect, and 9 of the reasons are that floor.

BRB, have to go clean up the puddle of my drool. In the meantime, which of these are your favorite? Or do you totally reject all-white interiors? I’m very nosy.

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