Remember that animal I invited to live with me?

So I know I flip-flopped about whether or not to order this goddamn camera so many times, but late last week I was finally able to overcome the sweats that always accompany large purchases and just click “BUY,” aided nicely with a notification from Amazon that the item in my cart had dropped an additional $30. It arrived at my work yesterday and my productivity for the day fell off a cliff. Unlike my macbook (the purchase of which I could justify somewhat because now that I am a “serious blogger” I needed to have the ability to lay on the sofa and post, obviously), I’m still having minor palpitations of both the excited and “oh-my-god-did-I-really-just-drop-that-much-money-on-a-camera” kinds every time I remember that, oh yeah!, I bought a new camera! Do you know how many megapixels this baby has? EIGHTEEN! One, two, three, four, five….eighteen! That’s 80% more megapixels than my last DSLR, which translates in 800% more squealing on my part.

But still. I majored in photojournalism, and I developed more rolls of film in high school than the number of boys I kissed (THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING). I’d like to say that I’ll go back to shooting artsy-fartsy stuff, but let’s be honest: we all know that I’m going to take a billion shots of my dog. Remember him? It’s really, really hard to get a decent picture of him indoors because he’s all black and can usually be found laying on our dark leather sofa or his dark doggy bed (WPP #86). But not anymore!

Ignore the fact that I clearly have to vacuum the floor and focus on that silly little beard that makes him look like he is perpetually carrying a cotton ball on his chin.

Fitz is really eager to learn and when he’s not busy being adorable and hopping everywhere, we’ve taught him “come, “paw,” “down,” and “roll over.” We’re working on training him to use the toilet (because, dude, puppy bladders? they are ready to be emptied at 6:30am every day) and how to fetch daddy a beer.

You can safely expect tons more pictures around here. They might or might not be of Fitz, but hey. He’s cute.


4 thoughts on “Remember that animal I invited to live with me?

  1. YAY for new cameras! Well worth the purchase because those photos look great! Oh, the pictures you will have on this blog now haha!
    There once was a time I went to an outdoor market and the photo dude was trying to convince me that he takes his own photos, and how he has “one of those good cameras with a lot of megaZICKELS.” No thanks, fake photographer man.
    Congrats! And your dog is presh. I have major dog envy right now.

    1. I was so close to editing your comment to remove the heinous bastardization of the English language you insist on using. But Fitz IS pretty great!

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