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Right now I am en route to New York via the ever-so-cheap and convenient Bolt Bus, set to arrive in Manhattan at 10am. You might recall that I had made plans to attend a cooking class with Lidia Bastianich last week, but thanks to the arrival of a very annoying rain cloud named Irene, the class was postponed. To today. So this afternoon at 2:30 I will be sitting in the back of Eataly in a small private classroom (with carrera marble counters, swoon) mere feet from everyone’s favorite Italian grandma, while she prepares a 4 course meal and provides a wine pairing for each one. Hopefully, through sheer osmosis, I will be able to pick up some of her skills and talents with food, because, at present and when left to my own devices, I am incompetent at any task more advanced than boiling water (wait, that’s a lie. I can make homemade pasta. Which sounds impressive, but is easier than boiling water). Also, I am going to attempt to strap boyfriend to his chair to prevent him from lunging at Lidia and planting kisses all over her plump cheeks. (Forreals, dude? You couldn’t crush on someone more like Gisele? I’m curious as to what this says about me.)

But I will still have a few hours to kill both before and after the class, and my plan is to hightail it to the new Laduree on Madison Avenue and blow my entire paycheck on macaroons and pastel colored packaging. Horray! Don’t understand why I’m so excited? Take a look at these pictures:

fromĀ New York Magazine

Still not convinced? Well, the macaroons are over-nighted FROM FRANCE every day, and served only by actual French people. Again, let me repeat here one more time with feeling, you could serve me dead bugs and if it came from the hands of a Frenchman, I’d be so honored I’d probably cry.

from Park & Cube

With flavors like Pistachio, Rose, Blackcurrant Violet, (and did I mention THEY’RE IMPORTED FROM FRANCE?), how is your mouth not watering? I’ve talked about them this much already and I will probably still mention them in tomorrow’s Friday Five. You never know! Well, actually, you probably do, who am I fooling.

Anyway, since today I am learning to cook (kind of), I thought I’d share some beautiful kitchens for a little dose of Thursday inspiration:


from here

I know I’ve featured this kitchen before, but I still cannot get over how perfect it is. Painted white brick! Old stools! Chalkboard wall! My brain is pulling a Fitz and just ceasing to understand.

from here

Metal counters, subway tile, and an old French street sign? Can I get an “amen.”

from Living Etc.

I’m in love with subway tile. And farmer sinks. And plants in pitchers. And raw wood. And open shelving. So basically, this kitchen is heaven on earth.


from here

This is from a Swedish based (obviously) sustainable-home manufacturer. Do you know how much I’d love to be able to function with something so minimalist? Or how much I’d love an all white cabin on a Swedish island? This reminds me of my dad’s sense of design so much, and his kitchen.

I have to say, these are pretty exciting plans for a Thursday. Any interesting plans of your own for the end of the week? And advice for me as I try to cook with a professional? I’ll see you guys tomorrow with another Friday Five!

4 thoughts on “Inspiration: Kitchens

  1. All of my favorite kitchen stories revolve around your father designing my kitchen. When I wanted 2 L shaped arrangements….”How do you think you’re going to fit your a## out the back door?” Followed by, “You don’t want a bigger kitchen. You want a bigger house!”
    Enjoy your rainy day in NYC and eat as many macaroons as your little stomach can hold!

    1. That is a total Dad story! It didn’t rain even a little bit, and I gorged myself on macaroons (at $2.70 a piece plus tax!).

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