When I was little, I remember spending days at our swimming club splashing around in the shallow end (because I was terrified of going under water, I was just certain I would die instantly. You would think this neurosis would have faded over time, but no, instead it transfered to an irrational fear of sand) and watching my mom sitting on one of the lounge chairs, writing letters to my great aunt in Westcliff-on-Sea, a sweet little seaside town in the southeast of England. Yes, people still wrote letters when I was a kid. My mom and great aunt would write back and forth on beautiful blue airmail stationary. I think that was when I fell in love with airmail stripes. And travel. Though I wouldn’t meet her til a few years later, the idea that I had a great aunt that lived in a far away country was so exciting and romantic. I guess that’s why I find airmail strips so adorable and charming.

There are tons and tons of options for nerds like me who fall in love with things like stripes. And thanks to the magic of the internet, I can collect my very favorite pieces and obsess over crafting airmail-inspired things.

top picture from here / bottom picture from here / tape strips from here / rubberstamp font from here

I was completely inspired by Lauren Elise’s crafts using this airmail washi tape (a roll of which I bought and can’t wait to use) and this Diving Twine. How great and vintage-y is that rubberstamp font? I’d love to create an invitation for a party or something by printing onto mail tags (like the one above), and stringing some of the twine through the hoop. Cute, right? And how adorable are the letterpressed wedding invitations with the airmail theme?

Surprisingly, I’m not very crafty by nature. Sure, I’ve painted a desk or two in my day and I’ll redecorate the same 4 square feet until I’m 10000% satisfied, but I never really had the gene to break out some crafts and make handmade invitations. Until now! The only problem is that the tape is so cute that I want to hoard it and snuggle with it. Now you know what turns me on.

What sort of crafts have you guys been up to lately? Holly over at Love of Life made some really swell fall crafts (like this wreath and this felt flag garland) for staggeringly cheap! And check out these gorgeous hand-printed cards from Süsk. It’s things like that which get me excited about crafting.

4 thoughts on “Airmail

  1. And, I think it’s amazeballs that you remembered the Air Mail letters Aunt John and I exchanged. I did it from the time I was a child until she asked me to just send emails to her daughter to read to her because her hands would not permit her to write anymore. What a beautiful memory.I miss them both….BUT, on a brighter note—
    When is the party? JK!

    1. I can’t wait until you and Lyndsey are over the word “amazeballs” because it makes my skin hurt every time you use it. But yes, airmail crafts!

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