How’s everybody doing out there? Relatively dry? Un-flooded? Irene came and she went, and oh my god do I feel like an idiot for filling my bathtub with water and rushing out to buy batteries and canned food. It rained. We didn’t lose power. In fact, I slept through the entire storm.

However, any lofty ideas I had about spending a relaxing weekend at a nice boutique hotel in Chelsea, hitting up the new (and first ever stateside!) Laduree store that opened on Madison Ave, and spending the afternoon learning to prepare delicious, seasonal cuisine with Lidia Bastianich herself (look at her! jauntily tossing heirloom tomatoes in the air! god, I love that woman), were promptly (and painstakingly!) cancelled. I know that booking hotels through third-party sites is risky business, but you’d think that the “Non-Refundable” policy would be, I don’t know, FLEXIBLE in a hurricane that shut down city transit, bridges, transportation through the northeast corridor, evacuated part of Manhattan, and sent several states into “states of emergency.” But no! Luckily, after waiting on hold for 2 hours, the poor customer-service agent felt bad when I started crying, so I got my money back. The class was postponed and they are “working closely with Lidia” to reschedule. So all is not lost. But I can still whine about it!

The upside is that being stuck inside my house all weekend provided me with ample time to redesign the bejesus out of my blog. This is only the thousandth redesign I’ve had in 6 months, for those of you keeping count. You’ll be happy to know there was zero cursing involved with this redesign! That might be a first. I’m not 100% sold on the header (duh, when have I ever been), but I do love the new typography changes and widening of the content area. I’d love to know what you think about it, and if you have any suggestions or ideas you’d like to see me incorporate into the layout/design!

Anyway, now I’m all bummed out and we all know there is only one way to cheer me up: House porn! Here are some beautiful interiors to brighten up your Monday mornings.

from here

The stacks of books, the painted white floors, that old mirror, you had me at hello.

stylist Gitte Kjaer, via

This was probably what Lil Jon had in mind when he sang, “To the windooooowwww, to the wall!” My jaw literally dropped when I saw this. I want those windows.

both from here

Do I really have to explain what it is about these rooms that makes me all tingly and short-of-breath? I’m pretty sure the 2nd photo is the epitome of my perfect home, and the 1st one was what I imagined all lofts in New York looked like when I was a kid. Actually, it looks like the apartment in ‘Center Stage’. Who remembers that movie?!

from here

What, you mean you don’t browse Parisian apartment rental sites for fun? Then how woud you ever find amazing stairwells like this one?

from here

from here

Okay, okay, this isn’t an interiors shot, but come onnn! If that just doesn’t make your day, nothing will.

If you have any fun, hurricane related stories I’d love to hear them! Or if you just want to share some gorgeous interior design shots, I’d love to see those, too.

6 thoughts on “Inspiration

    1. Awesome, thanks for letting me know! I got the glitter from here, a great resource for lots of fun things. I just read that you guys survived Irene in tact, too. Happy to hear it!

  1. I like the new header. It reminds me of Drusy Quartz—which I don’t like all that much. Go figure!
    The staircase reminds me of your apartment on Pine St which the burglars had no problem decending!!! You remember…the one that got broken in the middle of the night! I came to pick you up while the officer held you. That one!
    On a happier note—I must own that mirror….

    1. Oh, I remember. That police officer was very cuddly and took extra-pity on me. You would have thought I’d learned my lesson about living alone in apartments on Pine street, but no!

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