Hang on. Hold the phone. Can we take a look at something?

Those floors, those chevron floors. Do you see that fireplace? And oh my god, that mirror. Oh my god. Those moldings, and those doors. I just. With that pale gray paint. And the stack of books on the mantel! With that chair. I am having trouble breathing. There may not be a more perfect room out there. No but seriously, do you see that crown molding?  I can’t even!

This just made my entire week, and it’s only Monday.

Also, happy August! I have a lot of reasons to be excited about August; it seems like every weekend I have something going on! This month I’ll take a trip down the shore, a trip to DC, a trip to New York, and I’ll get to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday and a friend’s baby shower in the same weekend. Expect lots and lots of photos in the coming weeks!

8 thoughts on “Inspiration

    1. I’m not surprised you feel that way! But the books are one of the best little features, be honest.

    1. Elegant and timeless are great way to describe it! If I could trust myself to not make a mess, every room in my house would be all white! :)

  1. Having lived in Paris in a similar flat (assuming this IS Paris), let me tell you- any room becomes unbearable when all you hear is the groaning and grunting of your sexaholic neighbour Jean-Guy clearly through the paper thin wall EVERY DAY. Of course some things are worth suffering for and this lovely room is one example. Even Jean-Guy couldn’t bring this one down- it is totally gorge. I’d have to just slap on some headphones and gaze rapturously at the floors while JG pumped away furiously the next room over.


    1. Hahahaha.”Pumped away furiously”! I spit tea all over my desk reading this, Susk. Jean-Guy sure sounds like he knows how to ruin some truly beautiful architecture! You’re right though. I’d even put up with that noise to have floors that stunning.

      You should post pictures of your flat in Paris (and I’m with you, I just assumed this is in Paris)!

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