IKEA Catalog

Every year, an event occurs that is so monumental in scope, so breathlessly awaited, so widely revered, that it rivals Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and the holy day of my birth combined.

I’m talking about the release of the IKEA catalog.

You know, the catalog that encompasses all the new, Swedish loveliness the homegoods superstore has to offer, photographed exquisitely, and paginated as if by the Gods. Swedish Gods, obviously. Because if you think it is a coincidence that heaven is all white, and all Scandinavian design is all white, well, then, you must not know anything.

Anyway, the new 2012 catalog is here, and it’s awesome.

Let’s observe some of the gorgeousness that graces the pages, shall we?


I love those windows and all the boxes stacked underneath them with random letters and numbers adorning them.


Again, with the windows. I don’t even usually like daybeds, but this is making me a convert. Also, don’t think I didn’t see the white paneling on the walls! Hey, pretty.


Bed, meadow, steps-tool used as a night-table, oversized lantern, fog, okay by me.


I love this wall color and the collection of frames and that mirror above the credenza. And the industrial desk fan. Those have become ubiquitous in the design world, and thus impossible to score for cheap on ebay anymore.


The windows, you are killing me. I wish my studio looked like this. I imagine this to be more Parisian than Swedish, but nationality aside, I’d live here in a heartbeat.


Oh, IKEA. Just don’t make the mistake of visiting during a weekend, as I did. Usually I know better, but I just couldn’t help myself. I needed this catalog.

Well, it’s Friday! I have the day off today so I’m taking myself to see ‘Midnight in Paris’ finally and then stopping by the bookstore to pick up a copy of this book. Has anyone read it? How about the movie, have you seen it?

Have a great weekend, kiddos! Any exciting plans?

6 thoughts on “IKEA Catalog

  1. I was also excited to get my Ikea catalog! They are splendid but only make my house lust worse!
    Please write a review on that book becuase the movie looks cute, and I’m considering the book too!

    1. So far I am enjoying it! It’s a fast read but very endearing and good so far! I’ll make sure to post when I’m finished :)
      Have a great weekend!

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