Friday Five

Happy Friday, kiddos! As we speak, I am on a train to DC for a long weekend that fingers-crossed (!!) doesn’t get rained out. I’ll be doing all of the requisite tourist-y things, like taking pictures of myself hugging the National Monument, or giving a peace sign in front of the White House, and also hitting up a baseball game and maybe playing a game of Bocce at an Italian wine bar. I’ve had a nagging pressure headache for the past few days, so let’s hope it goes away and I can have a relaxing mini-vacation. Of course, all of this is assuming I can tear myself away from this hilarious video long enough to leave the hotel room. I’ll be back blogging on Monday with lots of fun things to share with you, so in the meantime let’s have a look at this week’s Friday Five:

Salted caramels

My darling friend (and a reader from the beginning!) Aly bought me a box of salted caramels the other day for seemingly no reason. This, along with her adorable-ness and her penchant for somehow being able to wear heels to any occasion (bowling party) without even breaking a sweat, makes her one of those friends you just wish you had. I’m a huge salt lover, but I’d been skeptical about how salt would pair with something as sweet as chocolate covered caramels ever since these candies started popping up everywhere.  Wow, was I wrong.  These are delicious and the combination is reminiscent of chocolate covered pretzels, only more decadent and incredible. If Aly’s intent was to fatten me up so I have even less chance of being able to function in a pair of heels: woman, mission accomplished.

Woven Skirt, Forever 21

I vowed I would never, ever shop at this store again once they lodged a ridiculous lawsuit against the hysterical blogger behind Which, if you haven’t checked out before, go do it now. I sometimes laugh so hard at the things she posts that I am reduced to tears (“On what occasion, precisely, is a person supposed to wear this dress? Some undetermined instance which calls for both the casualness of a denim vest and semi-formal nature of coal colored chiffon? A hillbilly funeral, perhaps? Dinner at Saddle Ranch and then drinks at Applebee’s? Forever 21, WTF?”). The lawsuit had no basis in reality, but they were flexing their bully muscles and threatening the blogger with legal action because she used their name. Sorry, F21, satire is totally protected speech. Anyway, I had sworn off this store finally, and not because I got tired of all the clothing only surviving one go-around in the washing machine before being reduced to shreds. But then I saw this skirt, and my heart did a little flutter, and for under $25 I had to snatch it up. I feel like I’m cheating on my principals, but it is so cute.

Paris Bus Scroll, Home Decorators

Bus scrolls have been popping up all over design blogs and house tours these days, but getting your hands a true vintage (or even believable reproductions) bus scroll can cost upwards of $200. Enter Home Decorators. I swear that store is such a hidden little gem that no one even knows about. Which is why an amazing, 60″ wall scroll meant to look like a vintage Parisian bus route can cost only $34. THIRTY-FOUR DOLLARS, are you kidding me? I feel like I’m stealing. They have one for London and New York as well, but you know where my heart is. Only downside is that it’s back-ordered two weeks, and patience has never been my friend. I’m helping to pass the time by pinning tons of photographs of Paris over at Pinterest.


One Day by David Nicholls, B&N

I bought a copy last Friday after seeing ‘Midnight in Paris’, and was able to get a copy that didn’t have the movie-tie-in cover. I know this qualifies as a White Person Problem, but I’d rather not buy the book at all than carry around a copy that has a movie poster for a cover (the only notable exception includes ‘Possession’ by A.S. Byatt, but I was young and had a girl-crush on Gwyneth Paltrow, sue me). ‘One Day’ was an easy read, but full of very sweet moments, and very heartbreaking ones as well. It was engrossing, and I’d recommend it without hesitation. But it definitely made me want to cut all my hair off again and move to Paris. More.


from here

Every once in a while, in all of the insane amounts of browsing interior design sources I do on a daily basis, I stumble upon a photograph of a space so amazing that I literally have problems breathing properly. You guys, this is one of those pictures. Of course it is in London. Oh. My. Gosh. I want to throw a big fluffy area rug right in the middle and set up a reclaimed wooden desk by those windows and spend every day writing in a notebook and drinking tea in old porcelain teacups and wear a big sweater the whole time. Also, I would have a pixie-cut again. If this room had a bathroom and kitchen (who am I kidding) I would never have to leave. And how glorious that would be!

Alright, lovelies. What are your hot weekend plans? If I were staying home this weekend, I would totally throw on that big sweater and curl up on the couch with a book. I’m reading this book now! Enjoy the weekend!

6 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I truly love your white people problems, makes me giggle every time.

    I had no idea about the lawsuit and Forever21. I don’t like to shop there because they are not short people friendly. Can I start a lawsuit?

    Enjoy your weekend away!

    1. Hahah, I’m still laughing about that time we went to Forever 21 together and I mentioned something about liking a shirt and you didn’t even know it was on top of the shelf we were browsing.

      I think I might do a compilation of white people problems in one post, we’ll see. xoxo

    1. Any gourmet chocolate shop should have them by now, or you can just come back to the east coast and go with me to the store where my friend bought them :)

  2. I’ve just looked at that WTForever21 website, that’s so funny!
    F21 have just opened a shop in Oxford Street in London, I’m going to go and check it out and get myself a Sexy Lady Chewbacca outfit.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. WTForever21 is my daily dose of giggles, and she never disappoints. I have such a love/hate relationship with that store, especially after they pull senseless lawsuits against bloggers, but their clothing is so cheap! You sometimes have to search for a few good quality staple pieces, though. Happy shopping, Annabel!

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