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I long for the day when I have a home big enough to warrant having a proper entryway, if only so I have more square footage to decorate, let’s be honest. Though I’ll never, ever call the foyer/entryway a “landing strip” (that is really one of the most heinous terms I’ve ever come across and I don’t know how it has become so pervasive in design-speak), I spend lots of time thinking how I’ll style it, what sort of elements it should have, and what I want it to look like.

I know Juno said, “It started with a chair,” but for me, it started with a sideboard. I haven’t been able to shake my affinity for this IKEA piece for a while, even though it is imposing and I’d have to have a really big house to be able to fit this casually in the space next to the front door (a girl can dream!). It’s all white and lacquer-y and perfect. I’m thinking you could put blankets, umbrellas, scarves and mittens inside of it and still have room for other, miscellaneous storage.  Behold, a moodboard for my future entryway*:

1. Bertoia Barstool, DWR – Ignoring the fact this $1K barstool will serves as a glorified coat rag and place to rest my bag, I can’t imagine anything better than walking in the door after a long day and seeing something that beautiful immediately. It’d be like having waiting, I don’t know, Javier Bardem** waiting for you shirtless and cooking dinner.

2. Task Lamp, West Elm – I know I’ve beaten this task lamp thing to death, but this one doesn’t count because it’s not yellow! It is, however, a nice shiny black, which will compliment the shiny sideboard nicely whilst (whilst!) providing a little extra light in the room.

3. Torsby Sideboard, IKEA – Really, what is there left to be said that I haven’t already said? It’s beautiful. Like most IKEA products, it’s reasonably priced. And, like most IKEA products, it may or may not fall apart within 6 months with the slightest encouragement***. I want this bad boy in my house stat. I literally do not have a need for it, but I’m getting 10 kinds of itchy over making sure I get my paws on it lest they discontinue it, as IKEA is wont to do.

4. Mangowood Bowl, CB2 – I don’t know about you, but I always need a place to toss my keys and mail when I come in the door, and this bowl fits that purpose (and the overall aesthetic!) pretty darn nicely. Of course, it would be better if Mangowood actually smelled like mango, am I right?

5. Stendig Calendar – This is cheating, because I already own one of these, but I love it so much I had to include it, finally for it’s utility and not just because it’s black and white. And if you, like me, spend the first 3 hours of your morning confused as to what day it is, this will come in very handy as you make your way into the world. The world will often quiz you as to what day it is. It’s tricky like that. Better to be prepared in advance!

Got an entryway of your own you want to show off? Think the term “landing strip” is totally acceptable? I’d love to hear! (Even though you’re clearly crazy.)

*maybe, until I change my entire aesthetic again.
**he isn’t a particular crush of mine, but he was the first name that popped into my head. I would’ve gone with someone along the lines of, say, Gary Oldman (swoon!), but Javier Bardem seemed more universally regarded as “dreamy”
***breathing on it, duh

7 thoughts on “Moodboard – Entryway

  1. I cannot believe you chose pan-face-caveman-features Bardem over Oldman. Gary Oldman could not be any hotter. He’s the only man who can play Beethoven and make him a sex god. Phwaoooor. And in Leon when he takes the drugs and is all clicky and weird with his neck? COME ON! Seriously, good call. Bardem though, pff. Also he sthounds– a bit–like–he–isth—deaf when he talks. Which annoys me. Like Dido’s singing. Also sounds like she is deaf.

    I better end this comment before it becomes a long rant about celebrities/musicians who really annoy me. Because they sound deaf.


    1. I am so happy someone else out there thinks Gary Oldman is as gorg as I do! He was even hot in The Fifth Element when half of his head is bald and he sweats tar. Somehow, though, he insanely good looks aren’t recognized by the large majority of the world. I don’t even find Javier Bardem that good looking, but again, it seems like everyone, everywhere does. You and I are on to something!!

      HA about Dido sounding deaf! Man, no one on this side of the globe has heard from her in years; is she still popular over there?

  2. Dido still pops up on easy-listening old people radio from time to time. I WIH GOH DOW WIH THI SHI, etc etc. Yuck.

    Also do you know who Paddy Considine is? Fellow Brit actor to Gary who has a touch of that un-pin-pointable hotness. Check out the film Dead Man’s Shoes and try not to fall in love with his intense, mentally disturbed (yet kick ass) character, if you’ve not seen it!

    1. I haven’t heard of him or the movie! I’ll have to check it out. But don’t worry, there’s only room in my heart for one brooding, weirdly-sexy older British actor, and Gary has that space on lock-down.

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