Love, Etc.

Hello out there! I’m not dead. Nor did I fall down another flight of stairs and land in the ER, again. I’ve just been wholly inundated with the enormous, obnoxious, horrendous task of moving. You know, that old beast that rears its ugly head every 12 months and makes you cram all of your belongings into boxes and bags and schlep them from one place to another. This time, on top of all the usual hellacious-ness that comes along with moving, I got an extra special treat: moving in 110 degree weather! Aren’t I lucky? It actually would have been fortuitous timing if I’d been laid up (again) on crutches and unable to lift even the lightest of boxes from my apartment. Drat.

But it’s over now, thank god, and I’m mostly unpacked and settled in, and I’m happy to report that my new place is far nicer than my last place already, because it doesn’t have a fireplace that drops whole bricks down the flue while you’re trying to sleep (it does, however, seem to have an affinity for GIANT SPIDERS, OMG. I’ve killed like 3 in the last 2 weeks). Also, my new place comes with a pretty cute roommate, whereas at my last apartment, I was my own cute roommate (and I lived up to the title whole-heartedly, I’ll have you know).

As a treat to myself, and to ward off any lingering post-traumatic stress from lugging boxes down the stairs, then up the stairs, then down the stairs, and sweating through my throwback New Kids on the Block t-shirt (jealous?) I took myself to see Love, Etc last night. It was the first time I’d ever gone to see a movie alone, though I’m sure I missed large bits of the movie because I was too busy being all self-congratulatory and sussed with myself for being brave enough to wander into a social event solo. It was exciting! I had BOTH armrests to myself!

Oh, and the movie was really, really lovely and I recommend you run right out and see it. If it doesn’t make your heart swell, you must not have one at all.

It was beautifully done, perfectly paced and the stories of everyone involved were all equal parts inspiring and heartbreaking in their own ways. The most profound statement about love came from Gabi, the (gorgeous) 18 year old Brazilian idealist: “Love is like building a house. Every day, you add a brick. Love isn’t, ‘Oh, she’s so beautiful, now I’m in love.’ No. Love is something you build with someone.” And interestingly enough, one of the men in the film, Scott, is a director and is seen attending his opening night of the play “The Understudy”, which I went to see last January! The play was hilarious and a real gem, and not just because Zach Morris was in it.

But of course, the elderly couple just stole my heart.¬†All I’d like(/want/need), more than anything else in the world, is to end up like that little old couple. Crazy in love with someone for 50 years.

Go out and see it immediately! Even if the only date you can find is yourself, you’ll be happy you went.

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