I don’t think I’ve adequately expressed my love for Sweden before now. To this point, my love of all things French has been obvious, but if we’re talking about inspiring home design, there is one country that really makes me tingly, and that’s Sweden. There are books upon books profiling delicious Scandinavian interiors (this one in particular is currently on my wishlist), and if I told you the amount of hours I spent looking at Swedish real estate for sale simply to check out the inside of the homes, you’d think I was crazy. One of my favorite blogs is Chez Larsson, the home design and organizing blog written by a beautiful, blond Swedish woman with impeccable taste. Needless to say it is SUPER UNFAIR that Swedes have all the luck (and, apparently, all of the sunlight in the world: the sun doesn’t even set during the month of June!).

And now I can add Emma’s Designblogg to my list of daily reads, because HOLY COW, there are 6 years worth of archives of incredible Scandinavian interiors. I’ve visited her blog a few times in the past, and saved a ton of images to the ever-expanding inspiration folder I have on my desktop, but somehow I never realized exactly how large a treasure-trove she has. You can safely assume I’ll now spend the next week looking back at every single post she’s ever had and drooling profusely. Horray!

Here are some random goodies that are currently making me itch to redecorate. And paint my floor white:

amazing ladder, Bertoia diamond chair in the background

painted white brick!!

oh my god those bar stools.

I want to take a nap here.

And here.


And here. Check out that sexy painted floor.

This office is so, so perfect. And not just because of that Eames chair. Or the Chanel bag hanging on the back of the door.

Unff, that floooorr.


If I had chevron floors or windows that large I’d never want for anything ever again. Maybe.

I could go on, but at this point I need a life preserver to keep myself from drowning in the pool of my own drool. I just can’t even. These rooms are so perfect, and the best part is there are about 2 million more just like it on Emma’s blog (with 2 g’s, I’m assuming to pay homage to Swedish drink Gløgg?)

If I move to Sweden, do you think someone would pay me to like, squeal over their furniture? This is a legitimate question.

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