Friday Five

Aw, shucks! Yes, you read that correctly: The Friday Five is back! But, continuing the atmosphere of change we’ve got going around here, not all 5 things on this week’s list are material objects (shocking, I know. I surprise even myself sometimes).

My dear readers, what are you up to this long holiday weekend? I’m taking a much needed mini-vacation and heading to New York City this morning. I took today off of work, making this a seriously indulgent 4-day weekend. I’m staying at Le Parker Meridian in Central Park South, so if you live in the city, be sure to say hi to me! (hint: I’ll be the one licking the Dior storefront window with Pinkberry stains on my shirt). I’ll be back Monday with lots of pictures and hopefully an intact bank account.

In the meantime, here are 5 things I’m enjoying this week:

Parks and Recreation, gif from here

It wasn’t until recently that I started paying attention to this show, and admittedly, I only did so because it follows The Office on Thursday nights. I am embarrassed to admit I’d only seen a few episodes before this season, but now I am hooked. The characters are hilarious, the writing is smart and quirky. Unfortunately, the laugh-out-loud (I would’ve used “lol” but my mother reads this and I try to write this blog in language the elderly can understand, too. Pretty sure I just got written out of her will for saying that) days of  The Office are behind us (although how funny, and frustrating!, was the finale?), but Parks & Rec gets me every week. I’m talking full body hysterics. Hyena cackling, tears-in-my-eyes laughter. The gif above is from the funniest scene I’ve seen on tv, possibly ever. I’m itching to buy the past seasons on dvd, if only so I can replay the scene where Ron Swanson throws a burger at his own face over and over again.

“Broken Wild” and “Fog Teal” by Leigh Viner

I don’t remember how I found her, but Leigh Viner’s work is simply incredible. Beautiful, moody, exquisitely hand-drawn with pencil, pen, and filled in with watercolor. After lusting after it for long enough, I bought a 5×7 print of “Broken Wild” for my night-table, and now I’m also eying this photograph of Paris (duh). Etsy is inundated with so many talented artists (and, er, not so talented ones), but Leigh’s shop is a standout. I love to support independent artists, so if you’re in the market for something new, give Leigh’s etsy shop a look. How fabulous would “Fog Teal” look in a sleek silver frame in a dressing room or on a makeup table? I feel like Carrie Bradshaw would have had these in her apartment if she knew about them.

Vintage Chalkboard, Urban Outfitters

I know it’s too small to tell, but the months in the top right-hand corner of the chalkboard? Yeah, they’re in French. If you haven’t been paying attention, being remotely French is an automatic qualifier in the like/want/need categories. I just love this chalkboard. My lovely friend Aly has a chalkboard hanging above the sink in her kitchen, and on it she writes the week’s meals. I’m thinking this is what I need to do to ensure that my dinner routine isn’t a rotation of yogurt, matzo, and ramen noodles. Anyway, I love the vintage-y look of this, and those adorable little hooks at the bottom are just begging to hold my reusable shopping bag and dishtowels. And it’s only $50! Also, THE MONTHS ARE IN FRENCH.

Nyvoll Dresser, IKEA (shocking!)

I meant “shocking!” in two ways: 1. Duh, it’s from IKEA. Did you think I would be able to post something here and not pay hommage to the most wonderful store on earth?, and 2. Seriously? That is from IKEA? That, the most sexy of all dressers? The most sleek, modern, lacquer-drawered beauty of a dresser is from a place that sells $8 floor lamps? If you had told me that was from West Elm, or CB2, I’d would have believed you faster. It comes in under $300, but once you add in the rage-factor associated with assembling anything from IKEA, this dresser will cost you precisely 3 hours of your life, your relationship, and your sanity. Still, a small price to pay to have a gorgeous dresser in your life, right? Right.

Jenny the Pug, from Puglandia, Oregon’s annual Pug Crawl

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahhhahahahaaahahahahaaa. I can’t even. She’s just there going, “Oh, don’t mind me, just pushing my kids to the store!”  This is my favorite thing in the entire world. Look at the neck fat! And the incongruously skinny little legs! That might be my favorite thing about pugs (in addition to the snorting and the cuteness and the insanely sweet dispositions and their need to be cuddled ALL THE TIME). No matter how obese they get, their legs are still twigs. Hahahahah seriously, look at the little stuffed animals in the stroller meant to be her “puppies.” This is my favorite Friday Five moment, and quite possibly my favorite internet moment. Check out the pug in the tutu in the background. And look! There’s supplemental video footage of Jenny! If this doesn’t just make your week, well, we have nothing in common and I’d thank you to never visit this site again.

That’s all I got this week, kiddos. What are your exciting weekend plans? I’d love to know!


5 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. OMG! THE PUGS! I almost died at that video. I loved that entire crawl full of pugs! I would have been crying if I was there to experience those amazing little creatures in person. Speaking of – I hope Potato is doing well!

    1. I know! Isn’t that video just the BEST? I’m glad someone else appreciates how wonderful these little things are. :)

  2. I love you! So if youre out of the will maybe that means Im back in? Have a great time in NYC and buy something for me

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