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By now, I think we have established that I am fickle. One second, I’m completely smitten with clean, all-white, Scandinavian interiors, the next, I’m buying a vintage rotary phone on ebay to start my own Industrial chic collection. I have redecorated my desk and office area 11 times since purchasing it a year ago. Which, if you’re keeping track, is about once a month. You’ll remember its previous iterations here and here. Here’s what it looks like now:

DUDE, turning my computer monitor on an angle has completely changed my life, like the time I set the font on my blackberry to serif. It totally opened the space up and shows off both the glossiness of the desk and the bottom of my Stendig calendar. I wish I had turned it sooner. And yes, I have a framed picture of Jessica Stam on my desk. I think she is the most gorgeous being in the entire world as it is (I would totally cross the street for her, if you know what I mean), but this shot Peter Lindbergh (mega swoon) took of her in Morocco for Harper’s Bazaar in 2004 is as close to perfection as it gets as far as I’m concerned. Also, notice the pitcher from IKEA from this post.

So to think that this here blog would be exempt from my fleeting fancy would be just silly. WordPress, while vastly superior in other ways, is not nearly as customizable as Blogger, and until I get my own domain and can install custom CSS, I’m limited to the changes I can make. Which is a GOOD THING, I swear, because if I possessed the ability to alter the CSS everyday, I TOTALLY WOULD.

Since launching like want need in February, I’ve been through 3 image headers:

Were it not for the fact that they all say “like want need” on them, there would be no way to tell they were in any way related. This version was made using these Photoshop brushes, and my favorite tool: horizontal type mask. Photoshop nerds represent.

But I don’t know. Do I think it’s pretty? Yes. Do I think it speaks to what this blog is about in any way shape or form? No. At least the second one (which in retrospect wouldn’t have been so bad if it didn’t have that stupid handwriting font at the bottom) gave you an idea, right? The first one looked like a packet of funfetti cake mix. This one looks reminds me of the Risto Bimbiloski Galaxy scarf mixed with a dose of the Anthropologie catalog. Not a bad thing! But maybe I need it to scream “Consumer Whore”?

I’m the kind of girl who agonizes over floor lamps because they don’t say anything about me. If I’m that specific over a lamp (and oh! I think I’ve adequately demonstrated that so far) just imagine the amount of strife I’m faced with over my blog header.

SO. A vote. Exercise your civic duty, ya’ll!

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3 thoughts on “Blog changes

  1. New header= lovely, your blog= great! And using equal symbols in comments equals really nerdy.


    My comments will never be as snappy as yours. Ha!

    1. Oh, lady, we nerds have to stick together!

      And don’t worry, my comments may be “snappy” (! love that compliment!) but your posts & blog in general make me all sorts of jealous! :)

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