Because I watched ‘Friends’ religiously as a kid/teen, even when I was too young to pick up on the majority of the jokes, I’m always able to make a reference to most real world situations (See? I did it here). Here’s another: You know when Joey has to accept an award at a Soap Opera awards show on behalf of the winner? And someone, I think Rachel, asks him, “Do you even know what ‘behalf’ means?” And his response, a classic Joey-ism, is, “It’s a verb. As in, ‘I behalfin’ it.'”

And here’s where I make it all make sense.

Anthropologie recently launched a new wedding line, called BHLDN, pronounced “Beholden.” Sweet, isn’t it? Romantic and lovely, as you would except the wedding line from possibly the world’s most stylish brand. Except, immediately, my mind went to, “It’s a verb. As in, ‘I beholdin’ it.'” And then I laughed and laughed and congratulated myself on being simultaneously super clever, and also for having the ability to make anything and everything come back to ‘Friends.’

And I wonder why everyone considers me dorky.

Anyway, I remember seeing a preview for it over on Joanna’s blog a while ago, and, having no need to look at wedding related things, I sort of forgot about it until earlier this week, when I had some down time (totally during my lunch break, not during my work, come on, I’m really efficient, I swear) and stumbled upon it from one of the many other blogs I read. And what an ab-so-lute-ly darling site. If I didn’t know it was the new little baby of Anthro before I checked it out, one quick look at the site would and I would have known immediately. The aesthetic is the same, in that distressed, antiqued, creamy dreaminess. I only looked at the decor, not at the gowns or matching bride & groom stemware or anything, and the things I fell in love with are versatile enough that, on their own, can be used for decorating around the house without any connotations of wedding bells. Observe:

Papered Poms, $32

The colors on this are making my heart race. I love gray. It’s my favorite color. I’ve never seen it paired with more beautiful and complimentary colors as it is with this paper pom garland. Coral and pale, dusty pink? You had me at ‘hello.’ And at $32, a string of this would look perfect above a bed or desk, and it won’t break the bank. And it’s gorgeous, did I mention that yet?

Cashier’s Key Stakes, $40-$60

In trying to write a little review of these, I realized that in no way can I find a use for them. Maybe for birthday decorations? For your anniversary? In the garden? I don’t know. They are clearly meant to be used as table numbers for a wedding reception, but I want to buy them and maybe do nothing more than scatter them around my house as decoration. They’re just so dear, and I love the weight of the font used on the numbers. The typography nerd in me is salivating over the serif on that 2.

In Writing Planter, $28

Okay, I bought this. I had to. I made an audible gasp when I first saw it, probably because it fits in with the whole “Industrial chic” thing from this post, in that it’s distressed and rustic and would pair wonderfully with some other vintage pieces that I have. It’s about 8″ x 8″, and currently I don’t have any plans for it other than to sit there and look pretty and maybe hold my mail. I know I have a  bad habit of buying things because I feel like I have to have them, but if it makes you feel any better, I could be addicted to plastic surgery or something more expensive than decorative home-goods under $30.

Proprietor’s Keys, $18

The pale blue ribbon just does it for me. The contrast of the oil-rubbed bronze antique keys next to the brushed silver, all tied off with a darling little bow just kills me. Again, this would be a purely decorative piece, and I’m not altogether sure how this would even work in a wedding, really. I’m right now kicking myself for not buying it along with the planter.

Pendant Backdrop, $2500 (that isn’t a typo)

Anthro, I love you, but seriously, sometimes I think you are on drugs. Like when you charge $700 for a mirror set, or TWO AND  A HALF GRAND for an acrylic and chalk linen canvas backdrop. Yes, yes I know it’s hand-painted and imported from France. You don’t have to sell me on it, it is perfection, and if I owned it I would do nothing else but since in front of it and stare at it all day (being careful never to touch it, because, you know, it’s expensive, and my dirty finger oils are unworthy of being anywhere near it). But, seriously? $2500? I know weddings are a big deal, but this is ridiculous. I feel the same rage well up inside of me that happens whenever I watch those idiots on “Say Yes to the Dress” spend $11K ON A DRESS THEY WILL WEAR ONCE FOR 4 HOURS.


I also want to point out that BHLDN has amazing customer service. When I placed my order for the planter, I got a confirmation email that showed the wrong item, but with the same item number. I called customer service and got the sweetest little southern girl, and found that a glitch in their system was to blame. She apologized profusely and promised to take care of the whole thing. She cancelled the order, re-placed it on her end, and then someone called me back later to tell me the order had been made correctly this time, and that they had upgraded me to free overnight shipping for my trouble. I have to say, it gave me the warm & fuzzies, being treated so nicely over something as trivial as a wooden crate planter.

And here is the planter all set up in this little nook of my place:

Planter, BHLDN; rotary phone, ebay; vintage Ball jar, flea market; votive holder, Anthro

So yes. BHLDN. I definitely beholdin’ it.

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  1. This is my favorite post so far because 1) I love paper things and making paper things 2) I crawled flea markets to find old keys to tie place cards to and 3) I don’t feel so bad knowing I spent 340 on a custom dress I designed and 7 on the fabric to make my reception dress. Your blog makes me smile. All day. Mike’s a little jealous.

    1. Ha! I certainly don’t want to make anyone jealous! Your DIY wedding is proof that you don’t need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on it. Horray for crafting!

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