Sniff sniff, horray

(How much trouble do you think I will be in for stealing the ad slogan from Gain? What’s the worst they could do, soften my fabrics to death? Zing.)

I like candles. But liking candles is a slippery slope. You can go from “liking” candles, to being one of those people whose house is overrun with competing scents eminating from the 14 different jar candles they have on every free surface, creating a veritable nose-molesting smorgasbord of aromas. I think the worst thing stores like AC Moore and Michael’s have done to the precious, scent-free breathing air has been to offer giant jar candles at 3 for $10, thus enabling crazy craft ladies who have wicker decorations above their doorways to smell simultaneously like “blueberry pie” and “fresh pine,” two scents that should never, ever mix.

However, there are redemptive candles. Candles that do not smell like concentrated  car freshners . Here are my three favorite:

Capri Blue Volcano, by Aspen Bay

This has to be the best smelling thing of all time (aside from wet puppies, freshly baked box-mix cake, and whatever that stuff my boyfriend uses after he shaves). The problem with it smelling so good is that at nearly $20 a candle, you get caught between wanting to indulge in the scent and burn it every free second so your house is filled with this delicious, sweet, crisp scent; and the realization that, holy crap, this thing is expensive, maybe we conserve it and only burn it at select times.

Leaves, by Slatkin & Co. (from Bath & Body Works)

The reason I can’t link this candle to a retail site, is because I’m pretty sure its been discontinued or is (hopefully!) seasonal and just not available right now. I picked up this bad boy on a whim in the middle of last fall, and it was almost a life-changing experience. Seriously. The name doesn’t do it justice, and is completely unfitting. This candle smells like hot apple cider, cinammon, and that bright crispness that comes with fall weather. I quickly bought a second one, and then bought more and gave them away at Christmas as presents. Looking back, I should’ve just been a grinch and kept those candles for myself so I can burn them and enjoy the scent myself, but I’m nice like that. At Christmas.

Isabella, by Tocca

Upon googling this deliciously decadent candle, I discovered that it was often listed as being “watermelon scented.” Well, there you go. I would never, ever have described this candle as smelling like watermelon, but that just goes to show you that my nose does not, apparently, know. That aside, I think you need to trust me when I say this (heinously priced) candle is sublimely scented and lovely. I don’t ¬†burn it often because of its small size, but I keep it on my night table and even when it isn’t lit, I can smell it. And guys, it smells amazing. Totally worth the insane price tag for something roughly the size of a bag of fruit snacks (what? is that not an appropriate unit of measurement? too bad, it’s all I had nearby).


What are some of your favorite candle scents? Minus 10 points if any of them come from a craft store.

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  1. we both love capri blue candles. But in different flavours. What if we lived together again and had clashing tastes in candles? #whitegirlproblems.

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