Guest Post! My Favorite Vacation: Süsk of Süsk & Banoo

Bonjour! Today is our second day in Paris. While I’m off skipping around the Louvre and stuffing my face with macarons, I’ve asked my hilarious friend Süsk of Süsk and Banoo to share her honeymoon story. If you remember, Süsk sweetly made me a personalized guide to the 17th Arrondissement, which I have in my bag right now. The story she chose to share is absolutely hysterical. I’ll let her take it from here:

As I sit here with a scarf coiled around my head on a windy, grey Monday morning in London, Sicily seems a lifetime away.  Hunched over my computer in two dressing gowns (truth!) and going through hundreds of photos on my hard drive of a tanned, glowing me romping in the nature of Italy’s Southern island, I am reminded just how wonderful a holiday can be. Throw in a few near-death experiences and Mafia run-ins, and you’re talking superawesome holiday times.

In 2009 Banoo and I headed to Sicily for our honeymoon. We avoided the tourist-y Northwestern coast and instead opted for a city clinging to the edge of a volcano named Taormina. From here we rented what was possibly the most ill-suited car ever for the 90 degree inclines that scaled the volcanic crag and masqueraded as roads, and headed out to explore this island that tectonic activity had thrust out of the sea thousands of years ago.

Or at least we tried to.

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Guest Post! My Favorite Vacation: Annie of Insideology

Hey guys! We landed in Brussels early this morning and took a train straight to Paris (I cried the entire way out of a mixture of exhaustion and excitement, it was really attractive). We’re here! We’re finally here! While I’m off squeezing as much of this amazing city in as I can, I’m delighted to introduce my first (of 8!) guest-blogger to you. Take it away, Annie!

Hey everyone, it’s Annie from insideology here. Erin is currently swooning around the streets of Paris, croissant in hand, and has asked me to drop by and tell you about my favourite holiday.

I have been to many beautiful places in the world but Patagonia is the one that has stayed with me more than any other. The wildness, the scale and the awesome strength of nature. That feeling where you are nothing more than an insignificant dot that can be whipped off the top of a mountain at any moment by a playful gust of Antarctic wind.

In 2007 I was lucky enough to spend three months travelling around South America. In the middle of January, still weak from having just spent five days in a Peruvian hospital recovering from Salmonella, I set off from the Mediterranean warmth of Buenos Aires to the harsh Andean summer of the Torres del Paine and Fitzroy national parks.

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