My Home: Sue of A Nomadic Abode

That sound you hear, that sad, bleating cry, would be me, crossing the Atlantic today (and not in the good direction). Oui, mes amies, we are on our way back to the states today and I am most displeased. The trip was AMAZING and I have so many photos to share with you. In the meantime, the delightful Sue from A Nomadic Abode is here to share her London home (the color palate is gorgeous!).

firstly, thank you so much erin for inviting me to hang out with you here for the day! what girl doesn’t like a party invite, right!?!

& being asked to discuss my favourite topic {my home} is just the cherry on top!

there are many words i could use to describe what my home means to me: it’s my sanctuary, my workshop, my decompression chamber from the world outside…

but it’s what my home isn’t that can be summed up so much more succinctly: my home isn’t defined by the bricks & mortar from which it’s built…

for me, home is very much a feeling, not a place…

&, perhaps as a by-product of having moved house so much in my life, i’ve become pretty adept at invoking that feeling wherever i am by simply surrounding myself by the people i love & the things that hold meaning or memories…

here’s a little peak into the london home i share with my boyfriend of nearly ten years…


in our dining nook sits one of my favourite pieces of art, an etching picked up on a girly weekend in venice: what i remember most about that weekend was my friend & i lugging her baby pram up & down many, many steps as we chaperoned her infant daughter around this city of bridges {there was a lot of laughter that weekend}…

while the white porcelain cockatoo reminds me of those yellow-crested fellas that swoop & squawk around my parents’ house at dusk each & every day, plucking the ripening fruit from their orchard & unleashing mayhem in their wake…


taking pride of place in our lounge room is a screen-printed bus blind from home: on it are listed some of the suburbs that served as the backdrop to our budding relationship all those years ago…

& vintage photos found at a flea market in cuba, a silver teapot from dubai & an antique key from my boyfriend’s parents’ village in italy bring back memories of our travels together…


& finally…

flowers are a permanent fixture in our home & never more so than in the bedroom…

i use a lot of floral motifs, alongside the real {& faux} thing, as not only do they add a sense of colour & movement but they also remind me of a childhood spent amongst the blooms {both of my parents were keen gardeners}…

our bedroom is also where i display my jewellery collection {especially the sentimental pieces that have been gifted to me}, some of my favourite books & a selection of much-loved pictures, including a print depicting a simple mantra: LOVE!

everywhere throughout our home there are tell-tale pieces like these that speak of my partner & i, our friends, families & the journeys that have gotten us to where we are today…

& that is precisely what makes this, & every house i live in, feel like my home…


Isn’t her home beautiful? I love the garland above the tufted bedframe. And all the little bits Sue picked up on her travels…those are wonderful souvenirs! Thank you so much, Sue!

My Home: Christine of the Plumed Nest

Today is our last full day in Paris, which we’re just going to ignore because that seemingly small fact is sending me into an existential crisis. While we’re making the most of the day, I’m happy to bring you another guest-post. Today I’m beyond lucky to have my twinsy extraordinaire, Christine from The Plumed Nest, sharing her wonderful west coast home with us. Check out that faux-wallpaper! 

Hi! I am Christine from The Plumed Nest and I am really excited to be here today at like/want/need to fill in for the lovely Erin while she is in Paris taking pictures for us. Today I will be sharing photos and talking a little bit about my home.

My home is in Portland, Oregon and while I have lived in other places, traversed a few spots around the globe and obsessively dream about moving abroad someday, Portland is a beautiful and creative city and I love living here. I live in a community of townhomes that were built in the 1930’s. There is so much I love about my place, it has beautiful wood floors, a wall of windows, huge gardens and lots of vintage charm.


My personal design taste is not limited. One day I might be dreaming of a shabby chic cottage, the next a mid-century ranch, and a few days after that an industrial loft. So with my love of so many different design styles I try to keep myself in check by decorating in a way that works with the style of my home. Additionally, as a renter, I am always looking for ways to make changes that don’t include knocking down walls or changing out cabinetry. Would I love to have a giant farmhouse kitchen? Sure I would. But I embrace the sweet vintage charm of mine with my 1950’s stove being one of my favorite things in my home. I try to look at the parts of my home I love as starting points to design around and augment them. I have changed out hardware on my cabinets, the light switch-plates, added window treatments and have done a lot of painting in every room!


A favorite place in my house is my dining and living area. I have three children, work from home and am by nature a homebody, so we spend a lot of time in this communal area. I recently painted this main living space all white to bring more light into my house, but in my innate need for a feeling of coziness I added some patterned interest to my dining wall. I love the vintage feel of it and how it helps define the space. The best secret behind it is that it’s actually shelf liner! Another great option for renters who can’t put up wallpaper.


Again, constantly balancing my role between mother and a person who works from home with my blog and my Etsy shop, we end up spending all our time in a shared space. It’s great because I can be many things at once and switch back and forth as needed, but it also means I am constantly on a mission to keep it light, bright and airy. It’s important to me that we can feel cozy and relaxed as a family and also feel the space is open enough for our minds to be focused and creative. My exception to this is books, I have several bookcases and books on top of books stacked in each of them. I love the feeling of being surrounded by books. It’s really important for me that my home to reflect all parts of me, the parts I am striving to be – like more organized (always trying to be more organized!) and the parts that are firmly rooted like my love of books, my family and art.



Thanks so much for having me Erin! I can’t wait to see all those fabulous pictures from Paris!


I can’t get over how impeccibly clean her house is for having three kids! She certainly puts me to shame :) I’m so jealous of all that sunlight, too, and that vintage desk (Christine said it was her grandparents’)! Thank you so much, Christine!

My Home: Santa of Homestilo

Joyeux Lundi, mes cheres! I hope everyone’s weekend was, shall we say, parfait. Last night we were supposed to see the comedy show “How to Become Parisian in One Hour” but that is story for another time….which will be never because I AM NEVER LEAVING. Today, I’m so happy to have the inspiring Santa from Homestilo sharing some sneak peeks of her beautiful home (check out her view!). 

While Mademoiselle Erin is out enjoying herself in The City of Lights, I’m happy to be with you today, sharing a look at some of the things that make my home…well, my home.

Where the day ends

homestilo bedroom2
We honestly make the bed everyday (and by “we” I mean me, of course). I find it’s just a great feeling to end the day with some sort of semblance of order and neatness. No matter how crazy the day was, no matter what chores didn’t get crossed off the list, a made bed is always a pleasant way to end the day.

On my nightstand there is usually a pile of magazines waiting, for months on end sometimes, to be read. I also keep a copy of one of my favorite quotes attributed to, oddly enough, Elsie De Wolfe: “Be pretty if you can be, be witty if you must, but be gracious if it kills you.” Words to aspire to.

Put a bird on it…and some stripes

homestilo dining area
Our home and its colour palette are quite neutral. But neutral can be just as fun. I tweaked the old IKEA Melodi lamp with a few birdie silhouettes. Then once, while my husband was out of town on business, I went ahead and added stripes to the focal wall. The hubster wasn’t completely sold on the look, but the stripes still make me smile whenever I look over at that wall.

The view out there

homestilo balcony viewThe main thing that sold my husband on our current home was the view. We live in an apartment and our outdoor space is limited to a balcony. But we do overlook a golf course which gives one a sense of having a much more grand outdoor area. We always have a view of the perfectly green lawn during the warm months and a ‘Winter Wonderland’ after snow fall. It’s also great for gazing out of first thing in the morning or in the middle of the day, when one needs to gather her thoughts.

So, that is a small look at our home. A big thanks to Erin for having me over and for making me take a moment to appreciate my surroundings.


Is it weird to say that someone else’s bed looks snuggly? Santa’s totally does, though! I love the simple touch of stenciling a bird on a lampshade. So clever and creative! Thank you so much, Santa!

My Home: Niki of My Scandinavian Home

BONJOUR, Y’ALL. I’m in Paris! I’m here! I’m here I’m here I’m heeeeere. Today we’re heading to the Rodin Museum and then, who knows? I’m trying to hold myself together so I’m not crying all over my camera, but I think you can guess how well that’s going :). Today I’m honored to have the incredible Niki of my scandinavian home sharing her own Scandinavian home! 

Hello! I’m Niki from my scandinavian home blog. It’s such an honour to write a guest post here on Erin’s wonderful blog. This morning I’ve braved the cold and made it out to a nearby café here in Malmö, Southern Sweden, so I can fully concentrate (and err drink a few hot chocolates  BRRRRR!). Since I spend my blog life showing other people’s Scandinavian homes I thought I’d share a few pictures of my own home today. Over the past 18 months I’ve shown little shots here and there but this is the first time I’ve put a bit of a home tour together – eeeek! Let’s see what happens….!

Pictures: My Scandinavian Home

Last week I was interviewed by Nest and they asked me which interior style I preferred – English (I’m originally from London) or Swedish. I was slightly terrified I might get myself into trouble. But I think you can see from these pictures that I’ve taken a bit of a pick and mix of both styles. Phew! That’s perhaps the great thing about having influences from different areas of your life.

What style do you have in your home?

Lovely to meet you all! / Niki :)


WOW, right? Those that know me know Niki’s home is pretty much my dream home. All that white! All that light! Thank you so much, Niki!

Guest Post! My Favorite Vacation: Tina of Colourliving

Well, all good things must come to an end, as they say. Though I don’t know who “they” are and I really think they need to reconsider. Vacation was amazing; I came back more tired than when I left. That’s a good sign, right? While I’m headed back to work today and trying to re-assimilate into normal society (you know, where it’s not acceptable to have a drink any time of day you feel like it, and usually on a canal), Tina of Colourliving has been gracious enough to round out the past week and a half of guest-posts for me. What a relief to not have to come home and worry about a post of my own!

I’m delighted to have been asked by the lovely Erin to guest post on her incomparable blog, while she is swooning around Europe. It is my first guest post and the pressure is on!

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Guest Post! My Favorite Vacation: Nina of Living in 40

We’re catching our flight home today and I’m fifteen different sorts of weepy over it. Thankfully though, I haven’t had too much time to wallow as I’m struggling to fit all of the stuff I bought into my suitcase. Note to self: next time, bring an extra, empty suitcase to stash souvenirs. While we’re flying back over the Atlantic, here’s a relaxing story about the island of Kauai, brought to you by the same girl who sent me my Orla Kiely scarf (thanks, Nina! I wore it all over this trip).

Hello, I’m Nina from living in 40 and Erin invited me to share one of my most memorable vacation stories. I wonder where she is right now, still in Brussels, Bruges or Paris? Wherever she is in Europe, I bet she is enjoying herself! Can’t wait for her to share her stories when she gets back.

Do you have a happy place where you like to escape to when life is too hectic and overwhelming? I like to escape to Kauai, more specifically to Kealia Landing, a house where we spent a week in 2008. Our then landlords, who were also our neighbors and friends, asked us if we wanted to join them and three of their friends on a vacation to Kauai. We had enough airline miles saved up to get our flights for free, so of course we had to say yes. And off to Kauai we went.

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Guest Post! My Favorite Vacation: Chi of 106 Kids

Today is our last full day in Brussels, we’re flying out tomorrow. Boo! I’m trying to cram in as many moules + frites as I can before returning stateside. Kicking off this week is the lovely Chi of 106 Kids, with the very apropos (and romantic!) story of a recent birthday. The floor is yours, Chi!

I was lucky enough to be whisked away to Paris by my husband for my thirtieth birthday. I had always wanted to go and by a rather fortuitous coincidence it remains one of my favourite “holidays”. We journeyed by Eurostar and I was so utterly beside myself with excitement that the 2 hours flew by.

We only had a weekend in which to cram our itinerary and so no sooner had we checked in and freshened up than we set off armed with maps, rusty school French and a spring in our step. For the most part, we went to all the usual tourist haunts and did the usual tourist things but there were three firsts that I remember fondly.

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Guest Post! My Favorite Vacation: Theresa of InspirationCooperative

Bruges is a lot like Ghent, only bigger and not everyone speaks Flemish. It’s a lot more tourist-filled, as well. Today’s agenda includes a canal boat tour, where I’ll be trying not to turn green. We’re hoping to take advantage of the full kitchen in our rental and cook dinner at home tonight, we’ll see! I’m happy to have Theresa of InspirationCooperative here filling in for me today to kick off the weekend. Here we go…

Before we had children, my favorite holiday was the one my husband and I (and two of our good friends) took to Europe. We landed in London, then traveled by train to Paris, Venice, Florence, and, finally, Rome. As soon as (and I do mean “as soon as”) the kids are old enough, I really want to return to Europe, adding a few new cities. I think it would be such a great adventure with the kids. Plus, I can’t wait to embark on city-exploring vacations again.

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Guest Post! My Favorite Vacation: Lauren of Still + Life

Greetings from Ghent! We’re making our way half an hour west to Bruges later, checking in to our rental apartment and trying to locate all the major sites from the movie “In Bruges.” I already have so many pictures to share with you guys when I get back. In the meantime, Lauren of Still + Life has graciously offered to share a story she calls, “Around the World in 12 Years.” Take it away, Lauren!

I will be the first to admit that we are, perhaps, not the best vacationers. For starters, we’re cheap, and I’m not as good as Erin at ferreting lovely things out for not much. Need to get her planning our next vacation, I think. But anyhoo. We also live at the beach, so when this (note: above) is minutes away, it can get hard to, well, get away.

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Guest Post! My Favorite Vacation: Sam of Bright Space

Today is our last day in Paris before we make our way back to Belgium for a quick stop in Ghent. I’m pretty sure Boyfriend is going to have to drag me kicking and screaming to the train. It’s been a great two days so far, I can’t wait to finally explore Belgium! You know, the country we planned this vacation around. Today’s post is an especially romantic one. Without further ado…

Hi guys, it’s Sam here over from Bright Space, guest posting whilst the lovely Erin is skipping her way around Europe.

Erin’s asked me come up with best holiday themed post, and having been inspired by her trip to Paris, I’m sharing with you today, my special and romantic trip to California and Nevada with my husband Den in December 2007.  It’s particularly special to me because it’s where we got engaged.  “Awww,” I hear you say!

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