Two of a Kind

Yesterday I printed out all of our hotel itineraries and our train tickets and organized everything with post-its and paper clips, worked 9 hours, and still found time to go to happy hour, and then went home and curled up in bed with “Amélie” playing on my laptop. All in all a good day.

I wanted to give this some thought, but after yesterday’s Tuesday Tunes post I think I came to a decision. I think my run with Tuesday Tunes has come to an end, after 36 weeks of posts. Music isn’t my strong suit, it never has been. If it’s not New Kids on the Block or one of the other 5 bands I know, it’s not for me. And this blog isn’t even really about music, I just went with the Tuesday Tunes series because I liked the aliteration and also liked that it gave me a set schedule. And after so much build up around the release of the new Keane album, I feel like I’d be struggling to find a new song every week. As much as I’d like to, I cannot just write about “Careless Whisper” or George Michael’s eyebrows over and over again.

Which brings me to today’s Two of a Kind. I guess this is becoming a regular series, however unintentionally.  I can’t seem to shake the urge to keep curating these comparisons. Plus, there’s some room for aliteration if I moved it to Tuesday (Two of a Kind Tuesday?) and this feels like it’s much more in my comfort zone than dissecting music.

1. Shirt / 2. Bag / 3. Vase / 4. Dress

I love that top, but the dress is reading a little too “Sweet 16” to me for whatever reason.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the change, whether you’re a staunch advocate of keeping Tuesday Tunes alive or if you’re more interested in this sort of thing. Be honest!

Two of a Kind

So, I’m pretty sure I’m done packing. With only 11 days to go (11!!!) before THE BEST VACATION OF ALL TIME (caps were extremely necessary), I am done shopping for outfits and accessories and other travel-related necessities. Outlet converters? Bought two. Dual voltage, folding hair dryer? Got it. An outfit for every day with an supplemental layer for warmth? You betcha. I’ve even ironed my trench coat, in a feat that proved super-neurotic, even for me. Train tickets have been purchased (to the tune of $250 for both of us, roundtrip, ouch), hotels are booked, extra memory cards for my camera are packed, credit card companies have been alerted to my travel (lest they assume fraudulent activity and shut off my card overseas like they did on a trip to London a few years ago). Boyfriend has not packed a thing or even thought about it, which boggles my mind and is sending me into a panic. Do you think I could just pack for him to make myself feel better? Or is that crazy? Don’t answer that.

Instead, let’s focus on the similarities between the following items. I’ve done this once before, this Two of a Kind post, though I’m hesitant to make it a regular feature. I already have a set schedule for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and I sort of like having Mondays and Wednesdays open and fair game for whatever I happen to be in the mood for. Though maybe it would be neat to have every day of the week be a particular kind of post? I don’t know. What do you guys think?

1. Oxfords / 2. Necklace / 3.  Stool / 4. Dress

I love those oxfords so much, but I know I’d never wear them. The geometric shapes in that necklace mimic the same color pattern as the shoes, though slightly more angularly (whoa, that’s a real word!). But my favorite piece of all is that yellow stool. I’ve had my eye on it for a while, but I just love how the tan sequined top of that mustard dress matches the raw wood top of the stool. That dress is just stunning, though with my pale visage, mustard yellow might be the most unflattering of color choices. Also, it’s over $4k, so it’s not happening anyway.

What are you guys up to on this rainy Wednesday?

Two of a Kind

No, not like in poker. Although, side story, I am really good at poker. My dad taught me to play when I was younger (like, 9) when we were staying at his friend’s cabin on the Susquehanna river one winter and there was nothing to do but sit inside and enjoy the view. He even bought me a set of poker chips one year for Christmas. These days the most exposure to poker I have is when Boyfriend plays Texas Hold em down in AC while I treat myself to a manicure in the hotel spa. And okay, fine, occasionally I’ll throw $20 into the Wheel of Fortune slots.

Anyway. With as much time as I spend on the internet, certain things like colors and patterns show up repeatedly. I’ve been noticing a lot of similarities and common trends recently with clothing and accessories, especially with all of the spring and summer palates making their appearance. There are two of a kinds popping up everywhere, from sandals and bracelets, to t-shirts and clutch bags.

1. Bracelets / 2. Sandals / 3. Tee / 4. Bag / 5. Sandals / 6. Necklace

I don’t know how I hadn’t discovered web retailer Need Supply before, but I think I’m in love. It’s a hipper, more authentic Urban Outfitters, the models are covered in tattoos, and most stuff is reasonably priced. Also, I am beyond ready to wear sandals again, and thankfully with yesterday being the first day of spring and the temperature this week hovering in the 70s, I might get my chance soon enough. Mama needs a pedicure first, though. That’s just common courtesy.