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Friday Five

This post is brought to you by Zombie Erin. Regular Erin was unable to come to the blog today, because she is exhausted. Don’t worry, she’ll be back to normal after she catches up on the roughly 30 hours of sleep she was robbed of this week. If I’ve been a bit MIA around your blogs this week, forgive me kiddos! I’ve been burning the candle at both ends.

Let’s get right to it:

1. The Veronica Mars movie!


Yes, I know I just raved about it oh, three days ago, but my love for this show has only grown more intense since then. And the movie comes out TODAY! I actually caught the trailer on tv last night and I squealed a little bit. No one ruin it for me, I’m waiting until I finish all 64 episodes before I see it, and with Jamal coming home tomorrow night (!! finally) my binge-watching habits will be cut short. Do you guys think I could get him into it? He might be charmed by Veronica’s quick wit and Logan’s pouty, yummy lips — I mean…

2. These adorable hair ties from Loft:


Here’s a fun fact: I only have two credit cards, and one of them is a Loft store card. My entire wardrobe is from this store, and thanks to their generous sales, coupons, and credit card reward perks, I often walk away from the register feeling like I’ve robbed them (I once got a $98 dress, a $34 cardigan, and a $30 dress for…wait for it…$43 TOTAL, thanks to coupons and a sale). These hair ties were an impulse buy (I never wear my hair back except when I’m washing my face at night) but can you blame me? Polka dots!

3. This unexpected Google Earth option:


You can go inside the Musée l’Orangerie. What?? How? This has taken my Paris “visits” to a whole new level. Pardon me while I Google-Earth my way through every single building (museum or otherwise) in Paris.

4. This gorgeous Parisian apartment:


Just when I think there is a shortage of classically Haussmann apartments for sale, I stumble upon a treasure like this one that makes me wish I was secretly the heiress to a bazillion dollar fortune or the next J.K. Rowling. For those herringbone floors I would even consider being the author of Fifty Shades of Gray, artistic integrity be damned!

5. This frenetic interview with Sarah Jessica Parker (and a sneak-peek home tour):

While I would prefer to watch the video on mute (the interviewer’s voice and faux-spontaneity are grating — it’s rehearsed, dude, the jig is up) it’s pretty neat to see inside SJP’s New York brownstone. The light-up globes in the den, the giant windows, a ping pong table in the living room, the walls of books? Such a refreshing change from the totally soulless, staged homes you see in design magazines. Her home is lived in and eclectic, and fittingly reminded me of a grown-up Carrie Bradshaw.

What are you up to this weekend? I’m heading to the museum today and then to lunch at my favorite diner, to soak up my last few days “living solo,” haha. Make it a good one, kiddos!

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Friday Five

I’d forgotten how much fun these are, but last week put me back in the swing of things.

1. The nonstop LOLs this video brought me:

Some hilarious wizard dubbed an Evgeni Plushenko ice skating performance from the mid-90s with Ginuwine’s R&B bump-and-grind anthem “Pony,” and while it might seem random, the result is superb. Plushenko’s original routine somehow, magically, lines up perfectly with the song, and if you can make it to 2:55 when his pants come off (seriously!) without tears rolling down your face, you must have a more mature sense of humor. Thankfully, I do not, and I therefore found this hysterical and much more preferable to the actual ice skating we saw at the Olympics.

2. THIS:

No explanation necessary. (!!!!)

3. My new bag, in preparation and expectation of spring:


I know, color! A few weeks ago I undertook an exhaustive search, employing all of my Internet Squirreling skills, to find The Perfect Spring Bag. Requirements: red or poppy, crossbody, big enough to hold my camera, zipper closure, under $300. You guys, it was a doozy, full of drama (I bought a bag I thought was The One, only to find out it wasn’t big enough, and then the company tried to screw me on their return policy, oy) but has a happy ending: I happened to wander into Macy’s when they were having a Coach sale, and the rest, as they say, is history. For just a little more than half my original budget thanks to the sale, this beauty met all of my requirements and then some. I’m in lurve.

4. This wonderfully weird Google Maps screencap:


I spend a large amount of my time “wandering” around Paris in Google Maps, as you know by now. Whatever, I miss Paris, it’s cheaper than a flight, and if I lean really close to the computer screen I can almost delude myself into believing for a moment that I’m there. So imagine my shock during a leisurely “stroll” through Parc Monceau when I came across a pair of legs, running on their own accord. Legs! What a delightfully awful Photoshop job, Google! I rire‘d so hard I thought I would need my inhaler. It’s the little things.

5. This stunning book-shaped lamp:


I can’t even! Designer Max Gunawan’s Lumio Book Lamp looks like a normal hardcover book when closed, but fans open and becomes an LED nightlight. “The strong neodymium magnets embedded within its covers allow this transformable light to be expanded 180 degrees to its fullest brightness, or mounted upon any magnetic surface.” It’s powered by a rechargeable battery, good for up to eight hours at a time, which is plenty of time for reading in bed before falling asleep (just make sure you close both books!). Currently backordered, but definitely on my wishlist.

What are you up to this weekend? My mom’s birthday is tomorrow, and we’re going to brunch at the museum on Sunday to celebrate. Tomorrow, unfortunately, is also Jamal’s departure date; he’s going to India (again) and South Africa (again!) for two weeks for work. Boo! In his absence, I plan on eating popcorn for dinner, unabashedly wearing my biggest sweatpants around the house, binging on tv shows, and missing him terribly.

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Gifts for Francophiles

Alternate title: “Things Erin Needs.” Alternate Title: “When is the Next Holiday?” Alternate Title: “Apologies to My Bank Account.”

If, like me, you’re an unabashed Francophile (je parle français presque couramment ces jours!) and can’t resist the siren call of La Belle France, you’re left aching for all things Parisian in between trips to the most beautiful city on earth. Fear not! There are always ways to add a little Paree to your life (eating macarons and watching “Amélie” on the sofa, donning a beret, subsisting solely on sex and cigarettes, etc etc), but in case you need help, here are a few things to tide you over:


1. Airport Tag Pillow/ 2. Eiffel Tower Construction Poster / 3. Map Mugs / 4. T-Shirt /  5. Dior Oui ring / 6. Ladurée Caramel au Buerre Salé / 7. Eiffel Tower Scarf / 8. Élysées tray / 9. Voyage Map tray / 10. Paris Sketchbook / 11. Paris Street Style

I’ve coveted that Dior ring for years and am vowing here and now to buy it the next time I’m near a Dior store, price-tag be damned.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


1. Love Poems / 2. Candles / 3. Scarf / 4. Lip Balm / 5. Cookie Bouquet / 6. What I Love About You / 7. Poster / 8. Heart Balloons / 9. Pillow / 10. Barrettes / 11. Purse

Valentine’s Day is a week away, and if you’re like me and aren’t entirely disdainful about this Hallmark holiday (okay, that’s an understatement, I love Valentine’s Day, mostly for the color scheme), here are a few presents to get you in the spirit. Whether you have a lover in your life or not shouldn’t matter. The best Valentine you could ask for is yourself, and I see no reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself to an extra special day of spoiling and adoration. And really, who doesn’t want an excuse to eat an entire bag of red and pink m&ms?

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Loving Lately, vol 2.


Tee / Necklace / Hand Lotion / Book / Lip Balm / Faux Flowers / Vase / Book / Flats

Just a collection of things I have my eye on recently. And no, I don’t have any of these picks except for the Sotheby’s book. Restraint!

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Un Jardin Sur Le Toit


I didn’t ask for much this Christmas, and the majority of my requests were practical: pajamas, an external hard drive, a new SD memory card, face lotion. As a kid, socks were the worst present you could find under the tree, but this year I was actually bummed when my mom didn’t give me a few pairs in my stocking. Ah, maturity! (Don’t worry, there were plenty of non-footwear related presents, too).

But I did ask Jamal for new perfume, which doesn’t exactly qualify as practical, I know. I’ve had my eye (nose?) on a scent by Hermes, Un Jardin Sur Le Toit after sampling it at Sephora on a whim. It smells almost spicy and lush, living up to it’s name of a rooftop garden, and has serious staying power; the notes change throughout the day and it’s just gorgeous. It’s pretty pricey ($130 for 3.3oz) but, ever convinced I can find a bargain, I found a less expensive option after some internet squirrelling. Bonus: the full-size bottle came with a smaller travel size spray and a lotion. Jamal done good, and it came just in time: my old standby, Chloé, had run out, and it isn’t the right season yet for this one.

Seriously, come sniff me. I smell great.

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My Inner French Girl

This one started with a bag. This gorgeous, plaid bag.


 1. Sweater / 2. Pants / 3. Hat / 4. Coat / 5. Necklace / 6. Gloves / 7. Bag / 8. Lotion / 9. Lip Gloss / 10. Loafers / 11. Artforum

I wrote a lot this weekend (added another 1700 words to my current total, not that we’re counting, because apparently it’s National Novel Writing Month, where writers commit to writing 50k words in the month of November. That’s more than I’ve written in over a year, pardon me while I go ahead and feel horrible about myself) and couldn’t help but to design this outfit for my girl, my gallerina. It’s the perfect outfit for a November day, right down to the loafers (waaaant) and her copy of Artforum magazine. Did I mention book research is fun?

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A Well-Dressed Man




Nicely done, Zara. Though I have as much chance as my book being published and selling a million copies in the first week as I do of getting Jamal into a turtleneck and skinny jeans (read: zero), it’s fun to dream. And oggle. Seriously, Zara’s mens knitwear section is providing some major eye candy.

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Loving Lately

It’s been entirely too long since I did a Friday Five (um, as in February, oops!) and as such, I have quite a few things that have been on my radar. I couldn’t pick just five, so here you are: a Friday Nine/things I’ve been loving lately.


1. Hermès Un Jardin Sur le Toit / 2. Pajama Set / 3. Plate / 4. “The Art Forger” by B.A. Shapiro / 5. Klorane Oat Milk Shampoo / 6. Bouclé Blazer / 7. Ladurée Brioche Candle / 8. Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm / 9. Renoir “Les Grandes Boulevards”

I’m not allowed to buy anything this month per my 26 in 26, and though we’re only four days into the month I’m doing really well! Unless you count buying toothpaste. So while I’m not going to be purchasing anything in this round-up anytime soon, I’m still allowed to dream, right? That Renoir print in specific might just adorn my wall come November. And I’ve found a sneaky way to circumvent my own rules when it comes to that Hermes perfume, which smells DIVINE, by the way: Sephora gives out free sample tubes if you ask.

What are you up to this weekend? I’m having Aisling and Audrey over for brunch on Sunday (I’m making waffles!) and other than that I will be, you guessed it, writing! Have a good one, kiddos.

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What a Deal

Every once in a while I impress even myself with my shopping skills. Behold my latest scores:


Bag / Boots

This would be my second pair of those boots; I wore the first pair for three seasons until the soles were flapping off and the heel was ground down to oblivion. At $150, I made sure I got my money’s worth. I needed a new pair for the upcoming fall (FALL. IT’S ALMOST FALL!) but was hoping they would go on sale. My prayers were answered when a friend at work passed along a 20% off + free shipping coupon, bringing the cost down from $149.95 to $119. But it doesn’t end there, because I used Ebates and got an extra $6 back. Price: $113. Savings: $37.

Having carried a Longchamp Le Pliage tote that my mom bought me for a few months now, I finally understood what all the fuss was about. They’re lightweight, can hold a ton, and go with everything. Mine is brown, and I’d been eyeing one in black. The Les Planetes version is made with a slightly thicker nylon, and unlike the Pliage line, the handles are black. I wouldn’t say I needed another bag, but I did like it and I really wanted it, but was deterred at $160. Luckily, Bloomingdale’s was having a Loyalist sale last week, meaning I got $25 off + free shipping. Yadda yadda yadda, I used Ebates, got an extra $8 back, and the previously $160 bag clocked in at $127. Savings: $33. I win.

Also, and I mean it, I’m done shopping for a while. These two purchases were the only things on my fall (NO BUT SERIOUSLY, IT’S ALMOST FALL) wishlist along with this trench coat, so I’m set!

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