aboutI am a copywriter and food stylist born & raised & living in Philadelphia but always, desperately wishing for Paris. Really. If I’m not in Paris, or planning a trip to Paris, or editing photos from my last trip to Paris, I’m wandering Google Earth Paris and crying into a mug of Mariage Frères tea with the Amelie soundtrack playing in the background.

You only think I’m kidding.

I started this blog in 2011 during a bout of unemployment, after graduating with a B.A. in Photojournalism, a degree that combined my two greatest passions but which proved nearly impossible to land a related job with.

I’m a born writer, and I’ve been blogging in some form for the better part of 12 years. I’m currently writing my first novel about (surprise!) an art heist in Paris. I’ve written for France Property Magazine and Museumist. I currently write for The Paris Collection.

In April of 2014 I moved to Paris. You can read all about that here. I’ve since moved home (and gotten married!) but still manage to find my way back to the City of Light with a regularity that borders on indulgent.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What camera do you use? A: I shoot with a full-frame Canon 6D with either a 50mm or 28mm lens. Prior to October 2013, I had a Canon T2i, which is a fantastic DSLR for both a beginner and someone who knows their way around aperture settings. I shoot RAW, and use Lightroom as needed.

Q: Is your husband’s name really Jamal? A: Haha, no. Jamal is a play on his initials, JML, and it’s a nickname that’s stuck (he was previously “Boyfriend”). His real name is Jeff, but since he didn’t sign up to have a blog, I prefer to call him Jamal and give him a little bit of privacy. We got engaged in March of 2013 on a trip to Paris. You can see our engagement photos here. We were married in September of 2014.

Q: What kind of breed is Fitz? A: 100% pure adorable shelter mutt. When we adopted him they told us he was a Beagle-Terrier mix, but our vet sees Labrador and Border Collie in him. Who knows!

Q: The Oxford comma? Really? A: Yes, really. Don’t even start with me. Using the Oxford comma is non-negotiable, but somehow people still ignore it. I imagine these people also litter or secretly torture people in their basement.

Q: You’re taking French classes? Where? Why? A: At the Alliance Française (I recommend them so, so highly!) and I’ve been enrolled since the winter of 2012. It’s my goal to be fluent one day. Read more here.

Q: Why don’t you just move to Paris already?? A: I know, I know! I’ve been there three times, but it’s never enough. I did!

I’m Erin. I like / want / need a lot of things. I’m glad you’re here.

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