September in Paris, pt. 2

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Rue Richelieu

Rue Richelieu


Automne est arrivé au Jardin du Luxembourg

Reading, Jardin du Luxembourg

Reading, Jardin du Luxembourg

Automne est arrivé au Jardin du Luxembourg

Look! Photos of people! This trip I grew more comfortable taking photos of people, rather than waiting for everyone to leave my shot, and also not taking photos, rather than walking around with my camera glued to my face. This was my tenth trip, and I felt noticeably more relaxed about capturing the city; in ten trips, I think I’ve taken every cliché photo you can take of Paris, how many more shots of the Eiffel Tower or Haussmann buildings do I really need? I still ended up shooting plenty, but was also contented to simply look at things and experience them without immediately reaching for my camera. There’s an oversaturation of blogs and Instagram accounts and communities that highlight Paris, and with them, an unnecessary pressure to keep up and compete and feel included (at least for me). It was nice to break that reflex this time and not worry about missing the perfect shot of light hitting the dome of a grand building (if only because I already have hundreds).

And can we talk about those leaves? My daily trek through the Jardin du Luxembourg allowed me to watch the change of the season and the foliage on an ever-changing basis, and my god. I’ve now been in Paris in March, May, June, August, September, November, and December, and I used to think late May-early June was my favorite time of year here, but September swooped in and proved me wrong. Those colors!

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October 13, 2017 / art / photo / Travel / LEAVE A COMMENT / 6


  • Shall we wait?

    • I don’t know if I can! Maybe two trips?? xo

  • I’m going in three weeks!!! I’m so excited! Any MUST SEE/GO/DO places you can recommend? We’re just there for a weekend.

    • Yes, always! Musée Nissim Camando, Musée Jacquemart-André, dinner at Le Cepage Montmartrois on Rue Caulaincourt (get the escargot to satrt and the chocolate mousse for dessert. They have jazz on Friday nights!), maybe try for a cooking/baking class at La Cuisine Paris for a few hours if you have time to spare. Lunch at Saint Regis on Île Saint-Louis, or Le Valois in the 8eme, or La Terrasse in the 7eme, or Café Central on Rue Cler. All solid meal spots. Went to an exhibit at the Grand Palais for the first time this past March and fell in love with the space, they always have interesting shows on. Picnic lunch in any of the parks, assuming the weather is good enough, and at the very least grab some macarons from the Ladurée in Saint-Germain and head to Square Gabriel-Pierné in the gallery district (the benches are shaped like open books!). I have about a million more suggestions but this should get you started ;) You’re going to have so much fun! xo

  • People, real people, yeah

    They will not bite back.

    • That’s my biggest fear, though!