March in Paris, pt. 1

Blossoms & Eiffel


Blossoms & Eiffel

Rue Cler

Café Central, Rue Cler


Eiffel & sunset

Eiffel & Bare Trees

Champ de Mars

Avenue Emile Pouvillon

Avenue de la Bourdonnais


Avenue de la Motte-Picquet

Tarte au rhubarbe

View from Hotel

Apologies for the delay; I landed back in Philadelphia last week and immediately went to work, where I stayed for the next 10 straight days, including one 12 hour day and a full weekend. I’m not complaining, I knew what I signed up for (#auctionhouselife), but it definitely impede my ability to edit Paris photos from my trip. My mom and I landed on the 21st of March, the second day of Spring, and oh, oh Paris had turned it on full-strength. The majority of our stay we enjoyed blue skies and 65 degree temps; perfect Paris weather for flâneuring. Our first day, though, we got reacquainted with our neighborhood, the swanky 7eme. I was just there in December (and actually stayed around the corner from our hotel) but I am sure I’m preaching to the choir and sounding like a broken record when I say that Paris feels new every single time I’m there.

We got smacked head-on by jetlag by the late afternoon, and though it was glorious outside and we felt guilty, we bought an entire pallet of strawberries from Rue Cler and a rhubarb tart and ate them in bed before falling asleep at the ungodly hour of 8pm. We woke up refreshed the next morning and ready to take on Montmartre (my sweet, sweet old neighborhood).

À demain!

3 thoughts on “March in Paris, pt. 1

  1. I am getting all teary! I miss Paris so much….I miss the neighborhoods, the architecture, the pastries, the teas……THE SALTED CARAMEL ICE CREAM…..most of all, I miss giggling with you, in the dark. What a fabulous way to fall asleep even if you were making fun of my accent.

  2. Your pictures always make me miss Paris so much. I used to live in the 7th, and these pictures just take you back… You are an amazing photographer, Erin; can’t wait to read that book of yours; if it is anything like your pictures, it will be great! You really do capture the spirit, the milieu, the ambience so incredibly well. Thanks!

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