Loving Lately, vol. 7


I am so sorry for the continued, lengthy lapses between posts here. Whenever I think about the heyday of this blog (and blogging in general, it seems) a few years ago, I am awe-struck that I was able to somehow churn out 3-5 posts per week while working full-time. How? These days, I am writing like the wind, it just isn’t here. I’m making progress on my novel, every day, but I still feel guilty when I neglect this blog for weeks at a time. I do have things to share with you! I am still reading your blogs, too! I promise to be better at blogging. Maybe not as good as I used to be (seriously, where was I getting all that free time?!), but better. I miss you, kiddos.

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August 18, 2016 / fashion / vanity / read / watch / LEAVE A COMMENT / 8


  • My mom and I both heart Peter Mayle – great pick by JAMAL

    • He bought me “French Lessons” for our first Christmas together, so he must have Peter Mayle books on standby, haha! xo

  • I have the same sentiments; when I was in college, I worked as a hairstylist, went to school full-time, and interned at the museum. HOW? Where did I find enough time to ALSO start a blog!? But, even though I may not comment often, I’m reading. I miss seeing your posts 5 times a week, but I understand that life has a way of getting busy. I’m happy to hear that your book is coming along! That is something I look forward to reading one day! xo

    • I think blogging in general was more “in focus” for everyone a few years ago, but also (and this is true for me, at least) the busier I am, the more I get accomplished! Working full-time forced me to carve out time for the fun hobbies I liked, and now I don’t necessarily need that balance/outlet, you know? Hoping to reclaim a little bit of regularity around here soon! Thank you for popping in, girly! I miss you! xoxo

  • I feel ya on the blogging thing. I was working full-time as a lawyer at a big law firm and still managed to find time to post 4-5 times a week. Now? I struggle to get one or two up a week, if that. I think part of it is that I’m busy with other hobbies in my free time (or just don’t have free time, period, with a 14-month old to take care of). The other factor is that, rather than spending most of my “being social online” time blogging, I spend it on other social media outlets. The problem is, there’s so much more online to suck away your time than there was 3, 4, or 5 years ago but there are NOT more hours in the day!

    • Well, you do have an adequate (and adorable!) excuse: that baby of yours! I hear those things can take up a lot of your time, haha ;) You’re right, though. Instagram wasn’t nearly as huge 4 years ago as it is now (was it even around then?) and that’s a much, much easier “mini blogging” tool if you’re short on time. How have we not added more hours in the day yet?? Who do we complain to about that?? xoxo

  • Have you read anything by Peter Mayle before? I have read “A small village in Provence” (translated from Swedish, I´m nor sure about the exact title in English), about the village Bonnieux. (We even Went there after reading the book… as so many others :-) It´s easy to read and entertaining with all the prejuges/truths about the French caracter

    • I have! I read “French Lessons” a few years ago, but have never read “A Year in Provence” (I think that’s the same book you read but with a slightly different title!). I love his writing, but have still never been to Provence :( One day hopefully soon! xoxo