My Apartment in Paris





Now that we’re under 40 days away from my upcoming (second-time-this-year-but-who’s-keeping-track) trip to Paris, I thought I’d share where I’ll be staying. If you guessed Montmartre, you were right! I can’t shake this neighborhood, no matter how much time I spend there, and it’s where I’ve stayed on every trip going back to 2013 (here’s 2014 and 2015). This adorable little nest charmed me from its original floors, to its large, airy windows, and bright, white decor. And did I mention I love Montmartre?

(I’m renting through Airbnb again, and I’ll be happy to share a link to the rental after I get back; since I’m going alone I don’t want to broadcast my exact location in advance. Safety first!)

38 days!

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October 21, 2015 / design / Travel / LEAVE A COMMENT / 11


  • I love seeing the apartments/hotels/places that you find – they are always beautiful! I think my favorite was the one in wine country that you stayed at in Italy though. SO dreamy!

    Also, is this not the trip with your mom? Did that happen already? I am so out of the loop!

    • Thanks, Yelle! I do tons of research and scouring before settling on any one place. That villa in the Tuscan countryside was out of this world. That one was all Jamal! He has me beat :)

      And no, this is a trip I booked in August on the anniversary of my dad’s passing. His birthday is in early December, so it seemed like a fitting pick-me-up. My mom and I are going to Paris next March for her birthday, so I’m extra spoiled. Two trips this year, and another trip in three months. Feeling grateful. xoxo

  • Great living space indeed.

    • It really is. I am jealous someone gets to live there full-time! xo

  • I can already see you in that first picture writing away!

    • Oooh, moi aussi!! That sold me on it, too. xo

  • What an absolutely adorable place! I’ll be there in a few weeks

    • Can’t wait to see how you spend your time there :) xo

  • That view… It´s Paris in a nutshell! For how long will you be staying this time?

    • It is! So Montmartois :) A week this time! xo

  • It looks really nice! How long are you staying this time?