Friday Five: 50 Days

Because you haven’t seen enough photos from my trip to Paris last year, and because I leave again in 50 days, here are five more for your weekend.

La Tour Eiffel


Sunset, Opera

Sunset, Montmartre

Roses Costes

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October 9, 2015 / art / photo / Travel / LEAVE A COMMENT / 13


  • I like the last one!

    • Thank you! It’s currently my computer background :) xo

  • The last one is lovely!

    • Thanks, bébé! xo

  • lol, your obsession with Paris never fails to amuse me :)

    • Haha, and your ambivalence towards it never fails to confuse me! ;) xo

  • Erin! I have a Paris stopover in November!

    • !!!! For how long?? Will you have enough time to leave the airport? xo

      • For 24 hours! I’m hoping for a free evening

  • That sunset!

    • Magical, wasn’t it? I hopped off a bus to capture that! xo

  • I can’t believe you get to go back so soon! And I’m so glad <3 Every few months you live your dream. I've always wanted to live there, but Chicago will do for now. When will you live there? Is that something you would want? Or are you happy visiting twice a year for the rest of your life?

    • I know, I count my lucky stars every day and never forget to be as grateful as possible that I get to go as often as I have been. We will absolutely live there, that’s always been in the plan. But not for at least 5-10 years. Until then, yes, haha, I will be going as frequently as possible ;) xo