A Sweet Stop at Ladurée Florence

Ladurée, Florence

Ladurée, Florence

Ladurée, Florence

Ladurée, Florence

Ladurée, Florence

Just a few darling (mouthwatering, if you’re anything like me) photos of Ladurée from our trip to Italy this spring to start your weekend on a sweet note. I stopped at the Ladurée cart in the Charles de Gaulle airport on our way to Rome, and then also popped into the boutiques in both Rome and Florence, because when macarons are your favorite food group, you indulge in them whenever the opportunity presents itself. This store is such a jewel box of delicate delights, and if they allowed franchising, you can guarantee I would’ve opened a store in Philadelphia by now.

Here are more Ladurée Love posts, if you need a little more cuteness: Paris & New York. Happy weekend, kiddos!

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October 23, 2015 / eat / drink / Travel / LEAVE A COMMENT / 8


  • I be this was the start of your hand modeling career for DiBruno Bros! I can’t wait til we can share (research the word) macarons in Paris! Please don’t eat them out of house and home in November.

    • Lady, you of all people should know best that I DO NOT SHARE. Especially when it comes to macarons. I’ll buy you your own box, but will also not hesitate to bite you if you try stealing some of mine ;) So excited! xo

  • It’s been way too long since I last had a macaron.

    • I wish they were a little less intimidating to make! But I guess it’s a good thing, otherwise I’d be a blimp! xo

  • Yep, your nails are perfect!

    • Ha, thanks! Gel manicure, and thanks to Invisalign I’ve stopped biting my nails, which has made a huuuge difference. xo

  • even though I probably sound like a broken record, but YUCK. beautiful nails tho :)

    • Haha, have you tried other brands? Pierre Hermé are less cloyingly sweet. It’s like saying you don’t like any sweet foods. There are different kinds and flavors! xo