Italian Mail Boxes

Italian Mail Boxes

Italian Mail Boxes

Italian Mail Boxes

Italian Mail Boxes

At some point in Italy, I was scrolling through the photos I’d taken and realized I had developed an unconscious fascination with mail slots and post boxes. Of all things. Photo after photo of decorative and lovely posta plaques around Rome, Florence, and Siena. I’m apparently such a diehard Europhile that even the simple act of mailing a letter is worthy of documentation (not that I actually saw anyone mailing a letter). Can you blame me?

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July 13, 2015 / art / photo / Travel / LEAVE A COMMENT / 8


  • These are great! My sister sent me postcards from the countries she visited in Europe this summer. If she had gone to Italy, maybe you would have seen her send me a postcard. :)

    • That is so sweet of your sister! I always mean to send postcards but never do. I’m usually too busy eating ;) xo

  • Look what you’ve gone and done….Now I want a fancy mail slot!

    • Fly over to Italy and visit an antique shop! I’m sure you could pick one up there for a song! :) xo

  • I don’t blame you. They’re all gorgeous.

    • Ha, thank you! I must’ve looked like such a tourist taking photos of walls ;) xo

  • wow, these are fantastic!!

    • Aren’t they?? xo