Friday Five: Let’s Go Back to Italy

Because while it’s no secret I’m just mildly Paris obsessed, I still cannot get over how incredible Italy was. I’m dying to go back.

1. Lunchtime at the Piazza Margana:

Piazza Margana, Rome

2. A lovely, vintage Cinema sign, Florence:

Cinema, Florence

3. Morning at the Uffizi Gallery:

Morning at the Uffizi

4. Beautiful tiles in the Duomo di Siena:

Beautiful tile, Duomo di Siena

5. Blue skies on our last day in Rome:

Somewhere in Rome

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July 24, 2015 / art / photo / Travel / LEAVE A COMMENT / 9


  • oh, these are stunning. happy weekend xoxo

    • Thanks, lovely! Hope you had a good one. xo

  • Those TILES! So pretty.
    Have a lovely weekend, Erin.

    • There was one entire side room of those tiles and I couldn’t get enough. So gorgeous! xo

  • Picture-perfect! ;-) Even your cute sandals match the floor pattern.
    Thank you, Erin for sharing these beautiful pictures with us. I haven’t yet commented on your previous Italy posts but it’s been a pleasure reading them and exploring a place through the eyes of another person.

    • Ha, they do! I hadn’t even noticed that! It was clearly meant to be ;) Thank you so much for your kind words! That means so much to hear. I’m so happy you enjoyed them! xo

  • *blushes* No, thank YOU! ;-) It’s been a real treat. Although I live in Austria and not far from the Italian border it’s been quite some time since my last extensive trip.

  • Serious jealously is going through my veins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Haha, you guys should think about Italy for your honeymooooon! xo