Byredo Bibliothèque

Byredo Bibliothèque

Byredo Bibliothèque

Byredo Bibliothèque


This was one of the little things I brought home with me from Paris, and I am obsessed. This candle had been on my Want List for a while, but was consistently out of stock at Barney’s. I’d never even smelled it, and I knew I had to have it just on name alone. Bibliothèque. Considering one of my favorite things is the smell of books, a candle that smells like a library–nay, a French library was obviously on my radar. But at $80 (!!), it’s a lot more expensive here than it is in Europe, even factoring in the conversion rate.

We stopped into Colette on our second day in Paris, and I made a beeline right to the candles. Success! And now, having had it at home for a while, I can confirm that the scent lives up to my expectations. It’s a delicious mix of warm plum and vanilla, and smoky leather like bound volumes. I’ve only burned out a few times so far because, surprisingly, the throw is almost as strong when not lit. It makes the living room smell incredible just sitting there on the table. And it’s pretty.

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  • sounds like the coziest and nostalgic of scents – i love how you describe it. why is it that candles cost so much? it’s like, if you want something other than the most nauseating smell of sugar cookies of lemon meringue, you’ve got to pay premium dollar. glad you were able to find it while in paris and at a more reasonable price!

    • Oh god, I hear you. I am embarrassed to admit how much I spend on candles, but I’m not about to infuse my house with the $3 jars from AC Moore that always smell cloying and, like you said, nauseating. I’ve made my peace with it, haha, and just accept that it’s a cost associated with having a stinky dog I need to mask the scent of ;) xo

  • very pretty indeed :)

    • Thanks lovely :) xo

  • Such a pretty packaging!

    • I am such a sucker for pretty packaging, too! xo

  • I LOVE the third photo. They’re all nice, but that one is magical.

    • Eeeps, thank you so much!! I had a good subject to work with ;) xo