A Lovely London Home (And a Little Bit of News)

A Lovely London Home

A Lovely London Home

A Lovely London Home

A Lovely London Home

A Lovely London Home

A Lovely London Home

A Lovely London Home

A Lovely London Home

A Lovely London Home

A Lovely London Home

A Lovely London Home

My love of real estate –local, international, fixer-uppers, penthouses, hôtel particuliers I’ll never be able to afford– is unrelenting. I scour real estate listings for fun, wrote for a French real estate publication, and am so well-versed in the Parisian market at this point that I’m able to tell you an average price per square foot in almost every arrondissement. On this particular morning, I stumbled across this gorgeous London home and fell madly in love. All that bright white airiness is hard to resist –but of course it comes with a price tag. I know the market in London is among the most expensive in the world (surpassing even Paris in average price per square foot!), but if you want four bedrooms and four bathrooms, spread out over 4,700ft2 in Foggy London town, you’ll have to pay almost $10m (£5.9m). For those floorboards alone the price tag is worth it.

Moving closer to home: I’ve lived in this city my entire life, and it’s been nothing short of bonkers to watch the average home price here keep rising. I love Philadelphia because it’s always been the affordable, quieter monkey-in-the-middle between New York and DC, but we’re catching up, good or bad. I’ve seen firsthand the effects the gentrification of my current neighborhood is having, and I’ve had a hard time keeping up with the skyrocketing home prices as a result. I watch enough House Hunters, Selling New York, and Property Brothers (and am married to a guy with an Economics degree) to know that any house is only worth what the market will support, though, and the Philly market is booming. It’s exciting, and good for the city, and a few weeks ago I decided, heck, why not get in while the getting’s good?

So! In addition to all the other exciting things going on, I’ve signed up for a real estate license course, and will finally be able to put my love of real estate to good use (after completing 60 credit hours and passing the exam, that is). I have been thinking about this since the very beginning of the year and it seemed like another fitting choice to say “yes” to this year. I don’t know when I’m going to find the time to be a real estate agent on top of everything else, but finding out will be half the fun. Wish me luck!

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  • Oh hey that’ll be fun – you’ve got lots on your plate but they all seem like things that you’re truly passionate about. Good on ya!

    • Thank you, doll! I know, sort of crazy to keep taking on all these new ventures, but you know what they say: “Do something you love and it never feels like work.” xo

  • Congrats! That’s exciting, as well. I love seeing how some of that stress and frustration you were feeling earlier in the year has blossomed into these creative and positive opportunities for you! If you’re licensed by next summer (is that a possibility? I have no idea how this works…), I might be in line as a new client :) it seems like a job where you set your own hours would be a great way to save time for other pursuits, as well. I’m so happy to see this!

    • Thank you so much, Samantha! You are so sweet and supportive! I finally figured out a way to channel all of that frustration and those feelings of being stunted and unfulfilled into productive endeavors! I have three months from the end of the coursework to schedule an exam and find a brokerage firm to sponsor my license. So, yes, I will be official by next summer! I need to read up on whether it’s a transferable license between states, though. Hmm. xo

      • I”m moving to Philly next fall! And I’m SO EXCITED! My boyfriend is (90% certain that he’s) transferring to Penn to pursue his Ph.D. and I CAN NOT WAIT to move with him. So I will be very happy with a PA license, if you’re happy to find us a very budget-friendly place :) Not that this is self-interested at all, but best of luck with your studies! ;) I’m sure that you’ll ace it all.

        • Ahhh that’s so exciting!! You’re moving to Philly! Do you know which neighborhood yet? Are you scouting? Is THAT why you were at the Drury beer garden a few weekends ago?? Sneaky! Congratulations to your boyfriend, that’s seriously impressive. Will you continue working in NYC and go back to commuting? I totally need to take advantage of your publishing house connections before you leave! ;) Hashtag selfish! Well even if you guys end up renting or I end up failing the R.E. license exam, we should still hang out at some point! I meant what I said about that Connect4 challenge ;) xo

  • That’s exciting! Real estate is something I considered going into two years ago when I was unhappy with my job situation. I didn’t end up pursuing it (obviously), but I still wonder about it sometimes.

    • It’s never too late! The courses are seriously inexpensive, and it’s always a good thing to have in your back pocket (that’s what my husband tells me, anyway, haha, but I think he just wants to save those commission fees when it comes time to sell our current place ;) xo

  • So Bret and I will be hiring you for our next home purchase!!! Honestly though Sotheby’s real estate is calling your name! “Erinnnnnnnnn!!!”

    • Haha, yay! Too bad I didn’t do this sooner, in time for your first home! Which I still cannot wait to see :) Thank you darling! You’re always so encouraging! xo

  • that sounds like a great idea. you’ll rock this, I’m sure xoxo

    • Thank you, P! I love your confidence! xo

  • ahh! that is so so so exciting! and so fitting! i couldn’t imagine a better realtor. best of luck! i cannot wait to hear about your success, because i know you’re going to do so well once you get in it.

    also, those floorboards. love the history on them. i really really do!

    • Eee, thank you, Yelle! That’s so nice of you to say!! I am really excited about this. And yeah, those floorboards (and that tile!) are just to die for. xo

  • This home is gorgeous! I’m loving the kitchen! Also congrats on the exciting news! :)

    • Thank you so much, Valerie! And seriously, it’s hard not to fall in love with that house! xo

  • Congrats (and good luck), Erin! This is so exciting!

    • Ahh, thank you, Charlotte! xo

  • Cette maison est magnifique et en plus elle est située dans une des mes ville préférée au monde. Je te souhaite beaucoup de chance pour cette nouvelle aventure qui commence pour toi! xoxo

    • Londres est vraiment ta ville préferée au monde?? Pas Bordeaux? Pas Paris?? Wow! J’ai appris un detail nouvelle de toi! Nous pouvons habiter dans cette maison ensemble un jour :) xo

  • That’s so exciting! I hope you’ll love it.

    • Thanks, doll! I hope I do, too! And I think I really will, but if I end up hating it, I’m only out $200 or so for the coursework. It’s a safe gamble, I think :) xo

  • Dude. You never fail to impress me. ALSO I was totally thinking about doing my license as well. STUDY BUDDIES?! Also I’m so out of the loop after my laptop exploded just before flying to America (and then subsequently pilfering dodgy wi-fi from a sandwich shop through the wall for 5 months) but I’m enjoying lurking through what you’ve been up to. I’m looking forward to seeing you here soon, too! It’s starting to get a nip in the air- GLORIOUS. Marcel, roll out the muhfuggin red carpet, bitches.

    HI FIVE.