We’re off to Italy tomorrow, kiddos! I’ve been packed for weeks, though the same cannot be said for Jamal, who is a seasoned travel pro and also not nearly as anxious as I am and won’t have a heart attack if he packs tomorrow afternoon (though I totally will. I’ll have two, one for each of us). And, for the first time I can remember, I’m not taking my computer with me. I am planning to unplug for two weeks and soak up as much of Italy as possible (though you can guarantee I’ll be Instagramming the whole time). I’ve been practicing Italian with Duolingo for a few weeks and can cobble together some rough phrases, so I’m hoping the Italians are more forgiving than the French when it comes to butchering their language.

I have some posts scheduled for the two weeks (!!) I’ll be away, including some things I’ve dug up from the last four years of my archives that you may have missed. I will be back with the first round of vacation photos on Monday, June 1st, which feels like a lifetime from now. I’m hoping this trip doesn’t fly by. Have a great two weeks, miei amici!

PS. Where we’re staying pt. 1, and pt. 2.

18 thoughts on “Arrivederci!

    1. Ha, great minds think alike, my dear! :) Thanks so much, Charlotte! “See” you when I get back! xo

    1. Grazie, Lucinda!! I’m sure I’ll have a blast. Can’t wait to share photos! xo

  1. What is it with husbands always packing at the very last minute?! Hope you have a wonderful time, my dear! I’ll definitely be following along on Insta!

    1. Ha, right?? I think, at least in Jamal’s case, it’s because he travels so often for work that packing for long stretches of time is no big deal to him. I don’t understand it! Haha. xo

  2. oooooooooooooh you are so lucky – please keep the instagrams coming and I can live vicariously through your travels for a few weeks.
    Bon Voyage and Fai un buon viaggio (or something like that!)

    1. You betcha, Emma! I am definitely planning on flooding your Insta feeds the whole time. ;) xo Grazie!

  3. J’hâte de voir tes instagrams ! Bonnes vacances, j’espère que tu mangeras beaucoup des pâtes, des gelatos !! La Dolce Vita vous attends ! Profitez bien ;) xoxo

    1. Moi aussi, j’hâte de voir mes Instagrams, haha. ;) Merci, Eva!! Je vais manger DE TOUT! xo

  4. have an incredible time! i will miss you dearly! glad you have a few posts for us to tide us over :) enjoy this and be sure to format your memory card! xo

    1. Oh my god, I’m amazed you remember that! Wasn’t that awful? I still have PTSD from that experience, haha. You can bet I’ve formatted BOTH memory cards this time (that’s right, I learned my lesson and am bringing a back-up!) xoxo

  5. I think I missed you and you are gone already. anyways… have a most wonderful trip. take lots of pics, and please, share them here xoxo

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