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Friends, I am so excited to finally share this with you: I am now blogging for The Paris Collection, a “hand curated selection of unique and authentic experiences from Paris’ top bloggers”! Jennifer, of the blog Books & Baguettes (two of my most favorite things! how did I not think of that blog name before??), contacted me a few months ago asking if I’d be interested in contributing my own tips and suggestions for the things to do & see in Paris that are off the traditional tourist track. I said ‘oui’ without hesitation.

With so many resources for Paris itineraries floating about on the internet, what makes The Paris Collection different? Our “criteria of authenticity and uniqueness with a dash of Parisian flair” means you won’t find suggestions to visit the Eiffel Tower, or the Louvre, or even Ladurée; “If most people know about this place, it’s going off our list!” We aren’t just giving recommendations, we’re relating our individual experiences, including best days to visit a specific bar or shop, the amount of time and money to budget, as well as personal photos.

There are tons of posts already live on the site. Feel free to take a look around! Be sure to like The Paris Collection on Facebook, too!

(P.S. This was my face when I read “Paris’ top bloggers.”)

12 thoughts on “The Paris Collection

  1. what the what! that’s awesome, erin! *finally* you’re being acknowledged as a reputable francophile. i always knew it. ;)
    and i have to tell you how proud i was just reading your bio, i was all ” i KNOW her” hehehe. congrats, girl. it’ll be fun keeping up with you over at the paris collection now too. xo

  2. Congratulations! This is so exciting. You can do that smug face all day. You deserve it!
    The Paris Collection looks and sounds great and I’d never heard of Books & Baguettes, which I am currently checking out. Yay! :)

  3. amazing! i had no idea this website existed and i’m so glad you’re a contributor! i’ll definitely be following along and i even have a friend headed to paris this summer who needs to know about this website!

  4. How nice! Congratulations!
    (Of course I will follow, the blog as well as on Facebook )

  5. This is great! Congratulations! I will definitely go back to that site for recommendations if ever I go back to Paris.

  6. Félicitations Erin !! J’adore “ton Paris” à toi, pas etonant qui ton contacté ! Tes photos de Paris sont sublimes ! Bientôt, il y aura la guide de Paris “Erin” !!
    J’ai déjà “like” la page “The Paris Collection” !
    Ps: Trop drôle ta “face” ;)
    Je suis très fier d’être dans tes links favorites ! Je serais ravie si tu changé le nom, je viens de changé le domaine, est désormais, c’est Merci :) xx

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