Happy Birthday, Fitz!

Happy Birthday, Fitz!

Happy Birthday, Fitz!

Happy Birthday, Fitz!

Somebody had a birthday yesterday! Fitz, you’re four! He was totally unfazed by all the high-pitched squealing I was doing in celebration, though he rightly interpreted it as a sign to be extra demanding of belly rubs. It even snowed yesterday, and as snow is one of his favorite things (to eat, to play in, to pee on) I kept telling him it snowed just for his birthday. I can’t believe he’s four! When did this happen? I’d like to say that his age now ensures he’s outgrown all of his, um, insanity, but I’d be lying. Fitz will always be a crazy (wonderful! loveable!) puppy, no matter how old he is. (In fact, I refilled his Prozac prescription yesterday.)

Happy birthday, Fitzy! May you never outgrow your silliness, your darling sense of curiosity at any and all fridge-related sounds, or your willingness to give big sloppy kisses. Though may you please, please stop screaming at everything outside. I love you so much.

32 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Fitz!

  1. aw what a sweetie! i looove his eyes. but then again, it could be bc his eyes remind me of morty’s. happy birthday fitz!

  2. Exercise, discipline, affection…………….
    Buy that boy a treadmill for his birthday!

      1. Good for you….good for both of you! He really needs to get out and walk off some of that anxiety.

        1. By the third lap around he had stopped pulling, and saw a dog but just whined and kept walking. I was so proud! Then he came back in and took a long drink of water and promptly fell over into sleep. So great. xo

          1. Keep up the great work and soon we can take a pack walk. Bart loves them. He nows goes out the door and tried to go to Leslie’s to pick Bear up.

            1. You must be high. A pack walk with Bart is no where in the future for Fitz, unfortunately. Sookie, maybe. He loves Sookie.

              1. Sookie it is! First! Then we’ll try Bart. He’s stable. Sookie is all about being bossy. I don’t know where she gets it.

  3. Happy Birthday, Mr. Fizberger! I love how dogs don’t understand why you’re so excited but they’re always so willing to go along for the ride. ;)

    1. Thank you, twinsy! Fitz says he misses Marla and that you should post some photos of her sometime soon. Mmkay. xo

    1. Ha! Je vais trouver un petit beret et un stylo pour les chiens maintenant. Love that visual, Ted! xo

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