A Tuscan Villa

Tuscan Villa

Tuscan Villa

Tuscan Villa

Tuscan Villa

Tuscan Villa

Tuscan Villa

I am getting so, so excited for our trip to Italy in a few months, and we’ve started our search for places to stay while we’re there. Having used AirBnB on every trip to Europe we’ve taken so far, we are of course looking there for accommodations in Rome, Florence, somewhere in Tuscany, and Paris. I might be focusing too much on the latter, much to Jamal’s frustration, who says it is a waste of resources because we already know Paris so well. But when I found this stunning, sprawling Tuscan villa, for sale at a cool $15M, he claimed that it “wasn’t helpful or realistic.” You just can’t please some people. Whether or not it’s “realistic” to fantasize over spending a few days living in what might be the mini-version of the Nightfox’s Lake Como mansion (it’s real!), it hasn’t deterred me from contemplating all the ways I would ever be financially solvent enough to afford such splendor. Plots include world domination, discovering an early Mona Lisa in my basement, and becoming the next JK Rowling. How else will I ever get to live in 16,145 sq.ft. of pure luxury, not including the 1300 sq.ft. guesthouse or 1000 sq.ft. caretaker’s lodge? I’m not religious, but the fact that this place has a private chapel could sway the heathen in me. The biggest selling point has to be the seven bathrooms, one for every day of the week! I fear I’ve set the bar too high now for this vacation.

PS: A winner was announced in the Petite Pairs giveaway! Go see if it was you!

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  • Tell your husband that you can never know Paris too well… Steetlife is always changing and for the rest – feeling familiar with it´s beauty is an important ingredient ;-)
    Says someone on her way to Spain in a couple of hours but, like you, alway longing for Paris at the same time.

  • i am going to have side with jamal on this one twinsy, i think focusing on italy is the way to go, because it’s ITALY! (and, you know, logically, you have three places to find accommodations). but i’ll totally side with you on this villa – it’s super dreamy and a girl can dream. xoxo

  • hahaha! you *heathen*. my mind can’t even COMPREHEND 16,145 sq.ft.! can’t wait to see what lovely accommodations you end up staying in. xo

  • Oh my goodness! What an incredibly gorgeous villa!

  • Oh wow, what a stunning villa!

  • I’m volunteering to be the caretaker in the 1,000 square foot lodge (calling it)!

  • This looks like something out of a James Bond movie! So, maybe no, since you could be murdered at any turn? We stayed at an amazing AirBnB on the Amalfi Coast, on the slopes of Vesuvius. It was a sprawling estate and we had the guest house. The property had a tennis court, swimming pool, olive groves, lemon groves and sprawling views of the Bay of Naples. If you could get over the fact that Vesuvius was over your shoulder (and, as they say, overdue), even the guest house was pretty perfect.

  • Put it bid on the property before someone else jumps on it. The 1300 sq ft guesthouse will be just fine for me. I’ll spend most of my time in the main house anyway. Thank you!

  • beautiful. I come visit when you move in there, d’accord??? :)

  • I love AirBnb. We use it everytime we travel.
    What a gorgeous place. And your plots are absolutely realistic. They have to. I mean, seven bathrooms!

  • I’m just not sure it would be large or luxurious enough for me.

    In reality, I’d be happy to stay in an outhouse. Although, something tells me the property doesn’t have one—ha-ha!

  • J’étais très surpris de voir ma maison italienne dans ton blog ! Bon, j’arrête, je ne peux pas faire la même blague à chaque fois ;)
    En tout cas, si tu la loues, j’arrive !! En sachant qu’il en a 7 salles de bain, il aura une pour moi toute seule! Chic!!
    Tu vas adorer l’Italie Erin, j’hâte de voir les jolies photos que tu fera. Bon weekend mon choux :) xx