Letterpress de Paris

Letterpress de Paris

Letterpress de Paris

Letterpress de Paris

How cute are these letterpressed cards from French letterpress printing shop Letterpress de Paris? In a world where everything has gone digital, where regular printing is constantly being threatened by new technology, it’s so refreshing to see a small business make such a commitment to quality, traditional printing. I’m such a tactile creature; a big reason I’ll never be able to switch to an e-reader is that I relish the feeling of paper between my fingers. I imagine these printed cards feel as good as they look.

Here’s a beautiful video from Letterpress de Paris, showing the production of one of their greeting cards, on a Heidelberg press. “The card is printed in two colors, first in letterpress and hot foil stamping. The film shows the entire process: paper cutting, color preparation, calibrations, printing, foil stamping, creasing.” No small task, but the results are so beautiful.

They also print a variety of other paper goods, including wedding invitations and business cards. Now all I need is a career or job title worthy of such a luxurious carte de visite.



You can find them at Colette in Paris, or online. They ship to the US!

8 thoughts on “Letterpress de Paris

  1. i love letterpress too and people these days seem to be very much into keeping printing methods alive – especially the letterpress (at least here – i feel like letterpress is everywhere). it is such an involved process and really beautiful. i love all of these (and i agree about ereaders too – no thanks). xo

  2. Maybe you should open a restaurant; those menus are adorable! ;) I love letterpress so much and I’d love to learn how to do it. Do you remember that months back Annie did a workshop learning letterpress? I looked into it then, but of course Norfolk (and environs) has nothing. Lame.

  3. i loove letterpress. those business cards with the colored edges, so gorgeous! we had our wedding invitations letterpressed and they felt so incredible, how friend did it and he even glued two pieces of paper together to make them extra thick. the letterpress he works at does the letterpress happy hour where you get to pick your individual letters, press your own cards, and crease them. it’s always so fun.

    i have had a kindle since it first came out, but recently i’ve been going to the bookstore and buying paperback books because after all these years i’ve missed holding the pages and smelling the paper. it’s more fulfilling to see how far you’ve read in the book when your bookmark gets deeper and deeper.

  4. Paperlesspost.com does letterpress printing. We got our wedding invitations printed with them but we didn’t end up using fine printing (it would have been engraving for the design we chose) because we had versions in different languages and it would have been too much. However! They’ll send you a (non-customized) sample if you write them and ask them for one. I know they’re not from Paris but they’re still really beautiful.

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