Joyeux Noël!

Joyeux Noel

A very merry Fitz-mas to you all! May Santa bring you everything you wanted, may you spend lots of time with your families (with only minimal yelling and emotional scarring), and may you fill up on caloric baked goods to the point where your Christmas jammies don’t fit. I’m signing off for the week to enjoy the holiday and gorge myself on cookies.

Joyeux Noël, mes amis!

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December 24, 2014 / art / photo / life / dog / LEAVE A COMMENT / 7


  • Joyeux Noël, Erin! )

  • merry xmas to you too, my friend. see you on the other side xoxo

  • merry fitzmas back at ya. have a wonderful holiday. xoxo

  • HAHA! It’s totally true about the Christmas craziness. Have a wonderful holiday and hopefully you got everything you wanted and more.

  • happy, merry all of it! may your toung stay green for days. xo

  • JOYEUX NOËL ERIN !!!! J’espère que tu a eu de belles fêtes et beaucoup des cadeaux !!

  • Merry Xmas! I hope it was a wonderful one and set a good example for the first married holiday together! Xo