Goodbye, 2014

If there was ever a year I am sad to see go, it’s this one. Where do I even begin to wax nostalgic for the amazing things that happened this year?

From the top of the Arc de Triomphe


Place Dauphine

In May, I went to Paris for eight weeks, to soak up the city, speak the language, fill two 16GB memory cards of photos, and work on my novel. I lived in Montmartre, in a charming apartment with a balcony, the view from which was the iconic red windmill of the Moulin Rouge. I ate croissants and demi-baguettes with beurre every day, spent more money on flowers and macarons than anyone should, and wrote more in those 61 days than I knew I was capable of.


To say that coming home was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do is an understatement. I almost didn’t.

But I had a wedding to come back for.



In September, we were married on a rainy, perfect Saturday. That day feels like a million years ago, when it was really just a few short months. I haven’t even gotten my dress dry-cleaned, and we haven’t sent out all of our thank you cards (if you’re still waiting on one, I’m so sorry!). I was staunchly an anti-bride leading up to the wedding, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing about the actual day once we got there. I’d do it all again (to the same guy, of course!) just to have all our favorite people in one room.


After the wedding it was off to Greece, where we spent a few days in Athens and a week in Santorini.

The Acropolis



I’d spent too much time in Paris (a sentence I never thought I’d say) to remember that there are other, friendlier Europeans on the continent. The Greeks are warm and inviting and our experience there made us feel so welcomed, rather than the indifference from most Parisians. We were often given free dessert once waiters realized we were on our honeymoon, a treat that goes a long way to winning me over.

Paris Print Shop

This fall I also began selling prints of my Paris photos, an endeavor that has been rewarding and fulfilling beyond my wildest imagination.

There were trips to the museum, weekly French classes (I’m in level 301 now), and through it all, I’ve been writing. Oh, and there were also plenty of cuddles with Fitz.

I don’t know what 2015 has in store, but it has a lot to live up to. I do have some surprises to share with you guys, including a very exciting trip next spring. Thank you for following along for another year. Have a wonderful (and safe!) New Year’s, kiddos!

27 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2014

  1. happy new year to you & yours… unlike you, i’m afraid, i’m quite pleased to see the back of 2014… luckily 2015 is poking its nose around the corner with the promise of new beginnings! may we all find happy adventures awaiting us!

    1. Happiest of New Years, Sue! Especially if 2014 wasn’t as good to you as it ought to have been. Here’s to nothing but wonderful things this year. xo

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR MA BELLE!!! Je te souhaite une très belle 2015 ! Le 2014 à été un année inoubliable pour toi mais peut être le 2015 t’amènerais encore des très belles surprises ! Ton livre fini? Un bébé ? Un autre voyage à Paris?….je ne sais pas de quoi le prochaine année il sera fait, en tout cas, je te souhaite beaucoup de bonheur !
    Il sera un plaisir pour moi de continuer à regarder ton blog ! Tes photos sont magnifiques Erin !
    Bonne Année Erin ! xoxo

    1. Merci et bon anniversaire, encore, ma chere! Le 2014 à été vraiment une année très speciale pour moi et Jamal. Il voudrait avoir un bébé cette année, mais je ne suis pas sûr, haha. Je voudrait finir mon roman avant un bébé! Nous serons voir. :)
      Merci pour etre toujours si gentille, très soutienne, et pratiquant ma francais avec moi! xoxo

  3. I am beyond thrilled for this year to end. It didn’t start out so bad for me, but somewhere around the middle (maybe just the start of fall which has felt 10 years long) it started to suck. And it’s been sucky since. But I was thinking the other day ‘who had a great 2014 (a lot of people i’ve talked to felt the same – this year felt like walking waist high in mud)? And then I thought, Erin! Erin had a really, really amazing year. So that made me feel a little bit better about it all. xoxo

    1. Well now I feel like I bogarted all the good things in 2014! No wonder everyone had such a sucky year, I was busy taking all the amazing things for myself! ;) I’m so sorry 2014 wasn’t so stellar for you, twinsy. That must mean that the universe owes you a really good one this year, right? That’s my theory. xo

  4. happy new year Erin and following such an amazing 2014 will be a major task. Thanks for sharing your best bits with us again, photos are beautiful as always. See you on the other side xx

    1. I miss you so much! I hope you had an amazing NYE and that 2015 is off to an incredible start for you & all your boys. xo

  5. Ugh such a gorgeous and happy and loving year. Between writing in Paris, your marriage Jamal, and your honeymoon, I don’t know if 2015 can top that! I too would love to do my wedding all over again for the sole reason that I loved having all our favorite people so close. It’s incredible and very humbling that all those people love you enough to be there too, isn’t it? Can’t wait to follow along on this next years journey with you Erin! Xo

    1. It truly was humbling, and so touching! Even more so because I wasn’t entirely gung-ho about the pomp of having a wedding in the first place, but all our friends and family still were! I really don’t know how 2015 can exceed last year. Big, big shoes to fill. But we shall see! I think there are exciting things on the horizon for both of us. xo

    1. Ooh here’s hoping! Nothing but good things all around, for everyone. That’s not too much to ask, is it? xo

  6. it was quite the year, wasn’t it? even though I didn’t mind seeing it go. it was a tough year too. for a lot of people. not you luckily… and I keep going on and on about it, but I’m so glad you are coming back to Paris :)

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