Friday Five: Wedding Reception Favorites






Some long overdue reception photos. That last photo is my favorite photo from the entire evening, and (because?) I’m not even in it. My beautiful bridesmaids and friends and husband, dancing the night away. Left to right: my WBFF (Work BFF) and flawless designer Herbie, bridesmaid and best-roommate Lyndsey, maid of honor and my other, original spouse Sarah, bridesmaid, cousin, and New Kids on the Block fan Stacy, and Jamal! I really wish I knew what song was playing, but it doesn’t matter. Everyone is so gorgeous, so happy, so perfect. I have a print of this photo on my desk at work, and it makes me beam every time I see it.

Have a wonderful weekend, kiddos.

12 thoughts on “Friday Five: Wedding Reception Favorites

  1. i love ALL these photos! candid shots are the best because they capture so much more of the story and the posed ones do. everyone looks so beautiful and happy – what great memories! xo

  2. Très belles photos Erin ! On voit bien que ton mariage c’était extra : amour, joie, amitié….what else?
    Happy weekend ma belle !

  3. i can see why you love love love the last one! i personally love the first, you two in a sea of people you love. reception photos are often my favorite bc so many unstaged moments are caught. the only rule of the reception is to enjoy yourself and that comes through in photos :)

  4. These are lovely. Just the happiest way to get up (although Cal is already out the door to a Latin exam) on a Saturday morning. I think for me, it’s a toss up between #3 and #4. Love.

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