Winter Style


1. Coat / 2. Bag / 3. Gloves  / 4. Hat / 5. Scarf  / 6. Lip balm / 7.  Boots

Maybe it’s the anticipation of our first snow storm, expected to hit later today, or falling madly in love with that cashmere wool coat and snatching it up weeks ago, but all I know is that I’m dying to really get into winter. My current winter style arsenal consists of a big puffy down coat and duck boots, which, while keeping me reliably warm and dry, doesn’t do much in the way of making me look chic and sleek; because my coat is brown, I tend to resemble Mr. Hankey. Not cute. What is cute, however, is that beanie hat, with its quirky Magritte reference. I do love a good art reference. Also: that bag! I’ve been searching forever for a black leather tote that’s lined (nothing is more frustrating than having to pick bits of black shedding leather dots off of everything I own; with the last unlined leather tote I had, the lining stuck to the rubber viewfinder guard on the back of my camera, meaning that every time I took a photo, bits of black leather fuzz stuck to my eyebrow) and I might have to splurge on it in the upcoming weeks. This whole outfit together would guarantee the chicest winter wardrobe, though maybe not the most practical if this winter is anything like our last. We hit a record for the 2nd snowiest winter in Philadelphia’s history last year, and honestly, when you’re trudging back and forth to the bus in 18″ of snow, a pun-y Magritte beanie hat is the last thing on your mind. Ceci n’est pas un chapeau!

11 thoughts on “Winter Style

  1. SO chic, head-to-toe! i love every bit of this collection, but that wool coat… swoon! i could see you rocking this look with the natural ease of a born parisienne. ;)

  2. down coats and duck boots are my favorite when it’s so very cold – which is was last week for us and i lived in them. (yesterday here it was like 66 degrees and i was just in a t-shirt and cardigan).

    i think that coat must look extra chic on you with your new haircut. i love everything on your list and would happily take it al. xo

  3. Yah – I’d missed the fashion posts!

    I love these colours – grey goes with everything. And if you sneak one of those slimline uniqlo puffa coats under it, you might last few a more inches in the snow and not look like a …er, big brown poop ;)

  4. I have two pairs of ankle boots in my Zappos cart because I’m desperate to love them, but when I get them on I feel like I look ridiculous. Convince me one way or the other, please!

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