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Paris Print Shop

Paris Print Shop

I thought I’d give you a little update on my latest happy little side project, selling prints of my Paris photos over at my Paris Print Shop. It’s been open for about two months now, and both the response to the initial launch and the business since have been surprisingly –and consistently– great. I say “surprising” because there’s always an element of self-doubt associated with an endeavor as risky as this one. In the beginning, “What if no one ever buys anything?” and “Why are you even bothering??” frequently ran through my head like a scrolling marquee of insecurity. But now my local printer knows me by name and pulls my prints out of the stack when he sees me walk in. I’m an expert at the USPS click-n-ship online postage service (though I still think the Post Office could launch itself out of debt in a week if it changed its open hours to times when everyone ISN’T AT WORK). And I’m so, so happy, especially because other people are happy having my prints in their home.

I’m thinking of adding new prints to the shop, but I can’t decide which ones. That’s where you come in! Which photos from this album would you want to see for sale? More Eiffel Tower? Flowers? Street scenes? I’m too close to them to see them objectively (god help my poor editor if this novel of mine ever makes it that far) and if there’s one thing I learned in college during my photography studies, it’s that the photographer is usually the worst at guessing which photographs everyone else will love. Often, during our weekly critiques, I’d think, “Really? That’s the one they like?” Couple that with a bias towards all of my photos from Paris, and I’m stuck. I’d love to hear what you think!

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  1. Personnellement j’adore tout tes photos ! Mes préférés sont celles de la tour Eiffel, mais celles qu’on voit un petit morceau pas entière ! Par exemple, une des mes favorites est la tour dans le flag d’eau, on voit que sont reflet !
    Aussi j’adore tes fleurs, elles sont sublimes !
    Je suis contente que ta boutique marche ! Le talent ça paie !!
    Bon weekend Erin !xoxo

    1. Aw, merci Eva! Je ne peux pas vendre tout mes photos. Peut-etre un jour! ;) Le photo de la tour dans le flaque c’etait pris dans mon dernier jour a Paris, tu sais. Merci de me encourageant!! Comme d’hab. :) xo

  2. there’s a lot of photos in that album there missy. but on the first page i will say that all three of the black and whites stood out to me.(musee du lovre, la tour eiffel, and place vendome). i really love those ones, a lot. they are all so lovely, i’ll have to spend some time looking through the other pages and email you a few more of my favs. i am so happy that your print shop is successful and most importantly that you are enjoying it! xoxo

    1. Haha, yeah no pressure, it’s not like you guys have other things to do besides look through all 300 of my photos. ;) But I really appreciate the feedback! Thank you, twinsy. xo

  3. Congratulations – so glad that your prints are doing well (not that that’s any surprise to me – I’ve told you how gorgeous they are). My goodness these are all so spectacular. I can’t pick!

  4. ok, you’ve GOT to have the stained glass celiling of Galleries Lafayette as an option, holy gorgeousness! and waaay more eiffel pictures (like ALL the black and white ones) – i think those are going to be your biggest sellers. but, if i could afford it, man! i’d take the entire collection!

    1. Thank you, Lucinda!! I never would’ve pegged the ceiling of Galleries Lafayette as a favorite! This is why your feedback is invaluable. I’ll add it ASAP! And I think you’re right, more Eiffel towers. Who doesn’t love the Eiffel tower?? xo

  5. i’m so glad it’s going so well! and also so glad that you are open to people’s opinions and our favorites! I love dani roses – but then again, im partially a dani (danielle / yelle). and the good morning paris with the view out the windows? who wouldn’t want that blown up large as a faux window? boulangerie, rue calaincourt would be a great edition to someone’s chic kitchen. the galaries lafayette view of parisian rooftops with a tiny tour eiffel in the distance is dreamy. on the second page, the mannequin with a faux bird – so lovely! the ile saint louis flower shop is gorgeous – is that already in your shop? and montmartre at sunset with the people, so gorgeous. as is the seine at 10:30 pm. i could go on! i’ll leave it there… i may have the same problem as you – i love them all!

    1. Of COURSE I value your opinions!! Without you guys I never would have had the courage to start the shop in the first place! Where would I be without you guys? Thank you so much for your suggestions, lovey. I love that Dani Roses photo, too. It’s one of the most beautiful windows in Paris! xo

  6. there can never be enough Paris pics :) I’m happy the shop is going well, but I didn’t doubt you from the beginning…

    1. Thank you, Santa!! It’s so great to hear from you! I’ve missed you, you know. Hope your hiatus is treating you well. xo

    1. Thank you, Charlotte!! I might have to borrow your ear for some shop-running tips since you are a seasoned expert :) xo

    1. Haha, thank you Marine!! Sorry to inundate you ;) I really appreciate your feedback!! That shot of Villa Leandre is one of my favorites, too. That’s such a special, lovely street. xoxo

    1. Ooh, you’re not the first person to tell me that! Well, you’re the first person to tell me that who isn’t related to me ;) Thank you for the suggestion!! xo

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