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Admittedly, I haven’t spent much time in the 10eme, the neighborhood in central Paris that encompasses Canal Saint-Martin and Gare de L’Est. With the exception of our two trips to La Tête Dans Les Olives and an afternoon stroll around the Canal, my only other experience with the neighborhood comes from mostly ignoring its existence. Which sounds mean, I know, but it isn’t typically a must-see arrondissement in the city. It’s nestled south of Montmartre, and north of the hipper Marais, so the 10eme has sadly flown under my radar. It’s assuredly more local and quiet than the neighborhoods surrounding the major tourist spots elsewhere in Paris, but, as I learned when I saw this apartment for sale, equally as rife with resplendent real estate (say that three times fast). The detailed ceiling medallions, beautiful moldings, and unbelievable chevron floors in every room aren’t overshadowed by the more modern updates. That eat-in kitchen is the stuff of dreams, with the nook bookshelf and exaggerated floor lamp. I’d sort of assumed that apartments this classically detailed only existed in more storied neighborhoods, like the 7eme or the 17eme, but I stand happily corrected. The only downside? The price tag, bien sûr. (€1.390m. Oof.) Well, and that strange painting in the living room.

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  1. ha! i noticed that painting too. a armless child dressed as a lamb? i had to look a couple of times and still can’t figure it out! otherwise, it is a stunning apartment. ;)

    1. I’m glad you took a closer look, because I wasn’t going to! Haha, I squinted and tried to avoid it for fear of never sleeping again. ;) xo

    1. It’s over 160m2, so over 1700ft2! It’s a massive apartment that would cost double if it were in a different arrondissement. That’s how you have to justify the price ;) And I wish I could take credit for the photos, but they are from the real estate agency website. What a job that would be, though! xo

  2. Oooh this house really is the perfect mix of old and modern – every room feels so bright and airy! And that painting would be SO eerie at night, no thanks!

    1. Haha, I know! If I ever moved in that would be the first thing to go. Everything else can say! xo

  3. je ne sais quoi all of that beautiful boiserie! and the floors of course. also i think that painting/print (?) is one of my favorite things they have in this apartment. i love the juxtaposition of it with all of the elaborate details in that room. xo

    1. Between the boiserie and the floors, I’m pretty much in real estate heaven. But that’s true of most Parisian apartments, haha. And we all seem to have mixed opinions over that painting! How funny. xo

  4. Do you know what would improve that apartment? Daddy’s paintings. We’re only a few € shy of the asking price!

    1. Just a few euros. Like, a million and then some, but who’s counting? And his paintings make everything better. xo

  5. Comment tu as eu les photos de mon appartement Erin? Je suis confuse…le tableau appartiens à ma cousine qui est artiste peintre ! On se débarrasse parce que finalement il était trop petit pour notre famille ! Bon, j’arrête ! Surtout que c’est n’est pas la première fois que te fais cette blague pitoyable !
    Mois, j’ai dis que tu est possible dans la vie, qui c’est? peut être un jour, t’auras plein d’argent avec ton livre et tu pourras t’offrir un petit appart comme ça ;) xo

    1. Au début, je pensais que tu etais sérieuse, et j’etais embarrassé! J’ai oublie ton blague, Eva, donc ça marche! Ce n’est pas pitoyable, je te promets! J’espere qu’un jour j’aura un petit (ou grand ;) appart comme ça, mais je sera heureuse si mon roman sera publié. C’est tout. xoxo

    1. OOH I DO I DO! Especially because I’ve made her promise I can come stay with her once she gets back to Paris, haha. We only spent a day together in Paris previously, but I know we’d get on swimmingly as roommates ;) xo

    1. What, you’re not keen on muted gray with two pops of purple? ;) It’s my cup of tea (well, minus the purple) but I’m like my dad: allergic to color ;) xoxo

    1. You’ll have to document your apartment hunt (unless you’re living with Monsieur already??) so I can live vicariously through you! xo

  6. Sorry, but that picture of a child in a lamb costume (if my eyes are correct) would have to come down immediately. The stuff of nightmares, surely! The rest of the apartment though … lush. I was thinking the price wouldn’t be as steep considering it’s in a less popular (?) arrondissement, but no. Ha-ha, how naïve I am sometimes!

    1. Haha, Parisian real estate is no joke. That apartment could be in the shittiest neighborhood in the city and still cost over €1m. It’s bonkers. But I totally agree with you that the painting needs to go. Where are its arms?? xo

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