Greek Flag, Athens

We’re home! And tired! I have a few hundred photographs of just the sunset in Santorini as well as a few hundred of the rest of the honeymoon to sort through and edit, and the same amount of piles of laundry to attend to. If you give me a day to recover from this jetlag and to eat my way through the European chocolate I brought back with me from the duty free shop in the Athens airport, I promise I’ll have stories and photos aplenty to share with you on Wednesday.

In the meantime, how are you, kiddos? What have you been up to? How was your week? I’ve missed you!

Greece Instagrams

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October 6, 2014 / art / photo / wedding / LEAVE A COMMENT / 13


  • The pictures that you IG’d during your honeymoon were gorgeous beyond belief. I’m glad you all had a wonderful time and got back safely. Can’t wait to hear all the stories

  • Welcome, Bienvenues, Bienvenidos !! Je suis contente que tu soit de retour! Tu nous a manqué aussi! Tes photos sont tellement belles que j’ai envie de plonger dans la mer bleu turquoise ! xx

  • Looks like you had a great trip! :D

    Went to Ben & Jerry’s Chunkfest on Saturday to eat the ice cream flavours that are not normally sold in Singapore.

  • Welcome home, duckie. Glad to hear Greece treated you well. XO

  • I’ve been enjoying your fantastic photos, of course.

    Happy October,
    “Here there be musing” blog

  • Welcome back! All of your photos have been UNREAL to say the least. Now I wish we had made a (giant) detour to Greece on our way home from Japan :-)

  • Blue, blue, blue, so much blue! Have a nice recovery and chocolatey time. :)
    Can’t wait to see your photos!

  • i can’t even imagine. so very looking forward to allll the pictures and alll the stories, welcome home!

  • so very excited to hear about your trip and see more photos of greece! from the little snippets on IG i am thinking there are so pretty spectacular images in our furture. xoxo

  • oh, look at that blue. what is it about Greece and blue skies? welcome back. can’t wait to see and hear more xoxo

  • oh i bet it’s bittersweet to be home! at least, that’s how i felt after our belated honeymoon. so happy to be home but already missing a gorgeous foreign country. from your photos, greece seems incredibly gorgeous and i hope you share every last photo! welcome home xo

  • Welcome back!! Every time I see photos of Greece I see blue and white…. it looks so beautiful! Can’t wait to read more about it :) …I’m going to spend the rest of my week wishing I were there!

  • Vos photos sont magnifiques ! Ce ciel bleu me fait rêver …