Two Fun Quizzes


For your daily dose of distraction and giggles: a quiz to determine whether a passage is by Hemingway or from a children’s book, and one to test your art knowledge. I got 11/15 on the Hemingway one and a solid 25/25 on the art quiz. Nailed it.

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October 1, 2014 / random / LEAVE A COMMENT / 4


  • I was doing so poorly on the Hemingway one that I quit halfway through because I was embarrassing myself, haha :-) I fared better on the art one though – 20/25!

  • Pour Hemingway j’ai 10/15 et pour l’autre 18/25 ;)

  • I did NOT do as well as you did on the Hemingway one :( Womp womp

  • hmmm, 10/15 for Hemmingway, and 24/25 for art. and now I go and spend another hour doing random quizzes… thank you very much :)