Santorini, pt. 4

Goodnight, Firostefani

Imerovigli, Santorini

Wine Bar

Alta Vista Suites

Alta Vista Suites

Alta Vista Suites

Wine Bar

Sunset, Fira


Are you totally sick of seeing Satorini photos yet? I’ll spare you the countless sunset photos from here to eternity. I didn’t realize I took quite as many as I did, it didn’t feel like I was glued to my camera the entire honeymoon –I promise, I was glued to my honey on my honeymoon– but Santorini is so pretty I couldn’t help it. You got that gist by now, right? Heaven on earth, gorgeous blue everywhere, etc etc. The weather was a glorious 75-80 and sunny the whole time we were there, dipping into the 50s at night with a strong wind. Mid-day, I was clinging to the shade on the side of buildings, fanning myself with my sun hat. But our walks back from dinner usually were at a fast clip, wondering why we wore sandals and not fuzzy socks, our arms wrapped around our torsos. Our cave room was always the perfect temperature, as an upside.

Many of you have asked some variation of, “How could you come back?” and the answer is, “In tears.” Truly, leaving Santorini was a struggle, which I suppose is the most complimentary thing to say about a honeymoon. Sure, we missed Fitz (who somehow managed to develop a skin infection on his belly while we were away, because he’s Fitz), but I could have survived another week or month or two just fine. I wouldn’t have fit into any of my clothes and would have had to wear the bedsheets on the plane back to Athens, but it would be a small price to pay for living in heaven.

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  1. I’m so happy that you and Jamal had a fabulous honeymoon. What a great way to step into a marriage. I’m grateful to my new son in law for taking care of you the way he does and I’m so proud of you for your chose.
    I fell in love with the night photo as soon as I saw your sneak peek.
    Happy Wife, Happy Life!

    1. I should get that embroidered on a pillow and keep it on the sofa, just in case Jamal forgets ;) I’m kidding! He really does take such good care of me. I’m very lucky! xo

      1. Choice, choice….Hey, I wrote this response post op on vicondin and anesthesia. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  2. Quel bonheur cette piscine avec vue sur la mer et la terrasse avec le panorama sur la ville !
    C’est difficile de quitter un endroit idyllique mais il faut bien partir pour pouvoir rêver à nouveau à ce lieu et bien sûr pour connaître la joie et l’impatience d’y revenir un jour…

    1. “Et bien sûr pour connaître la joie et l’impatience d’y revenir un jour…” Vous êtes une philosophe, Véronique! C’est très sage, ça, et je suis d’accord mais je n’ai jamais su auparavant vous avez dit ça. J’ai deja beaucoup beaucoup d’impatience ;) xo

  3. -happy sigh- So, so, so beautiful.

    I want to see if I can do a search, on the building of this heaven… The buildings give the look, of being old. But with those pools, and perfect views, they can’t be really old. They had to be designed, by a more modern architect.

    Whatever… How ever…. They did a fantastic job!!!! And visitors certainly get their money’s worth.

    Again, thank you for sharing your magnificent photos.

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    1. Thank you, Tess! The original structures are all so old, dug into the side of caves. I imagine once Santorini exploded into the popular tourist destination it has come to be known as, they started adding luxuries like cliff-side pools and doing extensive upgrades to attract visitors. Though now you’ve made me curious: what did the island look like 50, 100 years ago? Inquiring minds! xo

  4. i’m not sure anyone cold tire of seeing such beautiful pictures, i totally get your tearful departure. i read another comment on here recently that said your photos were worthy of a travel magazine and i’d have to agree with the senitment, your talent and “eye” are real gifts!

    1. Oh, gosh. Lucinda!! Thank you so much, that is so, so, so sweet. I wish. Can you imagine a better job than being a travel photographer? Well, assuming you got to stay and enjoy the place you were shooting. Can I just be a professional vacationer? ;) xo

    1. Haha, I’d do a second honeymoon in a heartbeat! It would be even better because we could skip all the wedding fanfare the second time around and just go right to the travel :) xo

  5. So ridiculously gorgeous! I’ve never been to Europe (yet!), but I’m worried that once I go I’ll to have to find a way to stay—well, not that worried. I don’t think anybody in their right mind could tire of Santorini photos or any photos of Greece, really.

    1. Oh, it is going to be a struggle to leave! Europe encompasses so many different countries and cultures and architectures and local styles and flavors that I feel I have barely scratched the surface. I’ve been totally smitten with everything I’ve seen so far, though, including Greece! It might be my favorite place I’ve visited, I think. xo

  6. i really wish i could transport myself there right now. i’ve never been to greece but i flew over once and just from the plane above i was dumbstruck with how beautiful it was. the green and blue of the sea and these gleaming white islands. it was just so striking. i can’t imagine not wanting to stay someplace so beautiful. xoxo

    1. Wow, I can imagine what it must look like from above. Unfortunately, all of our flights were so early in the morning, and our flight into and out of Athens we weren’t near a window, so I feel like I missed out on the awesome aerial point of view. Just another reason to go back! :) xo

    1. Ooh girl, do it!! If he needs convincing, tell him the food and drink is cheap and plentiful, and the locals are amaaaazing. Plus, there are those views… ;) xo

  7. Such gorgeous photos! The first one is beyond comments. Beautiful! I was in Santorini about 20 years ago and this brings back many nice memories.

  8. santorini at night looks even more beautiful than by day if it’s even possible! i’m sure you’re happy to reunite with fitz but it is so bittersweet saying goodbye to a gorgeous place.

    1. Definitely bittersweet, Yelle. You and S have to go! It was incredible, I don’t know if I’ve emphasized that enough yet ;) xo

    1. Thank you, Charlotte!! I feel like i have a thousand photographs of the same view from different angles. So much blue! I spared you guys from being too inundated, haha. xo

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