Santorini, pt. 2



Ammoudi Bay, Oia

Dmitri's Taverna, Ammoudi Bay, Oia

Ammoudi Bay, Oia

Ammoudi Bay, Oia


Sunset, Firostefani

Firostefani, Sunset

We took a bus –an experience in itself– to Oia one afternoon, at the northern tip of the island. You’ve seen Oia if you’ve ever seen a photo of one of those iconic blue-domed churches, framed against the blue water. You know, that first photograph up there. Everything in Oia is postcard perfect. The town itself felt a little more prim, the shops a little more expensive, than our beloved Fira, but the views were just as amazing. At the suggestion of our hotel manager, we trekked down 280 winding, steep stairs to Ammoudi Bay, a small fishing inlet and beach, to have lunch at one of the four little restaurants set up on the water. And the water. My god, that water. I almost fell in during lunch (because this being Europe, there was nothing in the way of a protective barrier between our table and the end of the patio), craning my head to get a better look at the schools of tiny fish swimming by and to just stare at the turquoise and cerulean goodness. Why isn’t water that color everywhere else in the world?

Ammoudi Bay was heavenly, and worth the effort to get to. The climb down was fine, expect for dodging the occasional surprise left by a passenger donkey. The hike back up was more challenging, our bellies full of grilled fish and Santorinian beer, made all the more difficult by the oppressive midday Mediterranean sun. A very sweet passing tourist (Canadian!) took approximately fifty photographs of us, even running up the stairs ahead of us and shooting down like we were in a photoshoot (I thought she was trying to steal my camera).

We had a glass of wine at a rooftop taverna overlooking the sea. I made a special pilgrimage to an English bookshop (photos of that coming soon!). We got “lost” wandering the back streets, and then shared a can of beer on the bus back to Fira, where we enjoyed yet another amazing sunset.

Later in the week, we rented a car and drove around the southern part of the island, and I have a bunch of photos to share on Friday of the black sand and red sand beaches we visited.

25 thoughts on “Santorini, pt. 2

  1. so gorgeous! in the first photo the water has a texture, incredible! sounds like a wonderful time and i can’t wait to hear more. that place sounds like heaven.

    1. Doesn’t the water sort of look like a painting? The wind was making the most gorgeous texture on the surface that day! It really was heaven on earth. xoxo

  2. Quelle beauté Erin ! J’ai toujours voulu aller en Grèce et depuis que j’ai vu tes photos, encore plus!
    C’est un vraie paradis ! Et les grecs, ils sont sympa? xo

    1. Tu dois aller! Grèce est trop belle pour les mots, ou les photos. Tu dois voir par tu-même! Les grecs sont tres, tres sympas, tres accueillant aussi! xo

  3. Oh wow! So beautiful! I am in love with the octopus picture.

    Look at you two love birds! Awww! I’m glad that the person didn’t steal your camera and that you have lots of photos together from that day.

    1. Thank you, cutie! The octopus were a lot more tasty than that photo makes them appear ;)

      Haha, me too! J said he could have caught up to her if she’d decided to bolt, but I was shot from those stairs and was hoping she didn’t make a run for it, haha. xo

  4. The thing I love about those mountainous islands, and also living in San Diego, that I don’t get here, are those incredible vistas. Of course you have to walk down (and back up!) to get to and from the water, but I miss getting glimpses of it from around every bend. You have to imagine that living there people would get used to it, but still, I don’t see how.

    1. The ‘back up’ part damn near killed me! But you’re right, the vistas at the top are worth it, and so are the ocean-side meals at the bottom. I can’t complain too much :) And I really don’t see how anyone would ever get used to or ‘over’ those views! xo

  5. Oh my flipping wow. How did you even decide to come back??? I think I would have stayed forever and ever and ever (I’m really glad someone got a picture of you two)

    1. We seriously debated it! The saddest thing came into our decision making, though: no Amazon Prime. We’re such ugly Americans, how would we ever live without our 2-day deliveries?? ;) xo

  6. Haha got to love friendly tourists :-) Also are you secretly a professional photographer? Because these photos are bananas – I love that shot of the freshly caught octopus!

    1. Haha, thank you, G! I did get a degree in Photojournalism, but that’s so sweet to hear because I’m not a professional by any means!! Santorini made it look easy :) xo

  7. Les paysages sont superbes et les photos magnifiques .Je remarque que vous portez bien les chapeaux!
    C’est une très bonne idée d’avoir loué une voiture pour réaliser votre propre excursion.

    1. Ah, merci, Véronique! J’ai apporte un chapeau mais j’ai acheté un autre quand nous sommes arrivés au Santorini. Le soleil est trop fort! :) xoxo

  8. Wow that first photo is stunning. I am giggling at the thought of you falling into the sea during lunch though a la Carrie and Big in Central Park :)

    1. I just watched that episode yesterday! It was on tv :) I think we would have been a lot less graceful in our version, haha. xoxo

  9. i love the photo of squid (squid? octopus? i’ve never taken the time to learn to make a distinction betwixt the two). it’s such a pretty color and texture against that blue, blue sea. and that sunset falling on across all those white structures bathing them in that soft peach glow – i could just stay right there forever i think. xoxo

  10. I’m so, so, so dreadfully behind on your blog. It’s practically the only one I read anymore, and here I am neglecting it! Everything here looks lovely and stunning and blue and I am infinitely envious and so glad you both loved it and just think you’re both, well, lovely.


    1. Gah, don’t be!! I don’t feel neglected, je te promets! Santorini seriously is stunning and blue. It killed me to not stop over and say hi/move in to your guest room on the way home from the trip. We had a layover in Munich for a few hours after Athens, and I mentally calculated how long it would take me to get to Paris from there, HA. xo

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