Santorini, pt. 1



Olive Tree

Alta Vista Suites



Popsicles poolside

Sunset, Fira


Sunset, Fira


Though I said we would be doing ‘absolutely nothing’ in Santorini, that wasn’t quite how it turned out. Our days started with champagne and fresh fruit and breakfast overlooking the caldera, and ended with cocktails while we stared in awe at the sunset every night. “Look at it now!” was an oft repeated phrase, for every second of every sunset was prettier than the last, the sky changing hot orange to pale pink in minutes. There was gelato before lunch, casual strolling through Fira and Oia, amazing dinners with even more amazing views, jugs of house wine, and dessert at every meal. I ate cake for breakfast, we laid on lounge chairs on our terrace and read in the afternoons, and generally stuck to no schedule whatsoever. It was incredible. We did enough without doing too much to feel rushed or too little to feel lazy. We loved Athens, but we both felt the honeymoon didn’t really start until we got to Santorini.

We stayed at the Alta Vista Honeymoon Suites, three elegantly appointed private cave villas with a shared pool, in Firostefani, halfway between Fira and Imerovigli. I totally and completely understand now why people return year after year to the same resort or timeshare; this place was heaven. It didn’t have to do much, because the view and the island compensate for a lot, but our stay was phenomenal and we almost didn’t leave. I know, I know, how can I love any place as much as I love Paris? I’m sorry, have you been to Santorini yet? It’s self-explanatory. The view of the caldera is literally enchanting, and I never got used to it in the six days we were there.

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  1. Holy! A lot of these photos belong in magazines.

    I love that popsicle, and the fact that your nail polish matches the pool water. Hehe!

    1. Gah, thank you!! I ate way too many of those popsicles (but still not enough). And would you believe that J specifically suggested I get that nail color (or something turquoise-y and similar) because he knew it would “match Santorini.” What a cutie. xo

  2. The first time I went to Santorini was by boat, and you sail (motor?) right into the basin of that caldera. It’s still one of the most magnificent experiences of my life. We all piled in the front of the hydrofoil, the sea air spraying in our faces. To come around the bend into that deep pool of water, the steep, steep slopes of the mountains rising high… well, there’s nothing like it, really, We went again, the first time we took Cal to Greece, but they make you stay inside the boats now and the experience just isn’t the same. :( Those views haven’t changed. And walking among the olive groves.

    1. I imagine that experience must be what the first explorers felt upon discovering America. Only Plymouth Rock isn’t nearly as gorgeous as Santorini, haha ;) It’s comforting to know the views have been there for thousands of years and will still be there next time we go back. Because oh yes, we are definitely going back. Too beautiful not to. xo

  3. Oh happy sigh…

    What else can one say?

    Other than thank you so much, for sharing these lovely views and words.

    Must send this link to my Granddaughter. She loves world beauty.

    “Here there be musing” blog

    1. You must, must go, Eva! I warn you in advance it is going to be damn near impossible to leave once you get there, though, haha. It really was a wonderful honeymoon. I’d get married all over again just for Santorini (to the same man, of course!)! xo

    1. Thank you thank you thank you, lovely! It is just too pretty. Unfairly pretty! Why is it so far away?? :( xo

  4. Santorin est un paradis terrestre , quel bonheur d’y passer quelques jours !
    La glace est fantastique , un petit plaisir pour le palais …

  5. Wow it’s so crazily photogenic isn’t it?Amazing.
    I love your routine, I’m feeling rather envious of that.
    Although champagne for breakfast would send me straight back to sleep!

  6. Beautiful images. Santorini is the only place I have ever been to (we went to Greece on our honeymoon as well!) where I felt like everything was exactly as it would look in a post card.
    And I have to comment on those nails: such attention to detail Erin!

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