King George Hotel, Athens

King George Hotel, Athens

King George Hotel, Athens

On our last day in Athens, we arrived in the city early in the morning from Santorini, and were leaving equally as early the following morning for our flight back home. Though we’d stayed in an AirBnB rental the first two days of the trip to get a more local experience in Athens, we decided to stay at a hotel on the last day, both for the convenience of having a line of taxis waiting to take us to the airport, and to splurge a bit.

Since Jamal travels so frequently for work (our flight to Athens was booked on miles), he has a slew of hotel points for all the major chains. This came in handy for us in Paris on our first trip there together, as well as in Brussels. For the end of our honeymoon, we wanted something central, luxurious, and elegant. The King George Hotel, part of the Luxury Collection of Starwood Group hotels, is situated right on Syntagma Square, in the center of Athens, and usually costs upwards of €280/night. We wanted luxury, and we got it.

We had a balcony overlooking Syntagma Square and the Parliament building, complimentary chocolates and a bottle of Mastic waiting in our room when we checked in, and later, as we were reading/napping/trying not to succumb to exhaustion, a complimentary bottle of champagne and a glass of strawberries, delivered by a kindly bellhop. And the bed. I don’t know what sort of magic they inject into the mattress, bedsheets, or pillows, but it was the perfect level of plushness. We loved that bed so much so that Jamal, who shuns pillows entirely and prefers to sleep flat against the bed without any (I don’t know, he’s weird, don’t ask me), raved about the pillows for days after we checked out. “Weren’t those pillows so soft? They were so soft!”

After some Internet Squirreling on my part, I found that you can buy all of the bedding (pillows, sheets, mattress and all!) online. So after a lot of help from customer service, who called the hotel to find out which pillows specifically we had in our room during our stay, I went ahead and bought two new feather and down pillows, hoping to replicate the bed-bliss we had at the King George. At $105 each they weren’t exactly cheap, but the last pillows we bought were $4 and from Target (and both of those facts are extremely evident after two years of use), so this was a very adult, very necessary splurge. I can’t wait until they get here!

That just about wraps up the honeymoon posts, kiddos! Thank you for being such good sports and sitting through all my photos. Back to your regularly scheduled programming (read: Paris) on Monday. Have a great weekend!

10 thoughts on “King George Hotel, Athens

  1. J’ai beaucoup aimé ta série “honeymoon” ! Tes photos sont splendides et je ne suis pas fatigué de voir ce bleu magnifique partout ! J’imagine que quand tu as quitté la Grèce, tu a dit à Jamal la très connue phrase de Casablanca ! ” Jamal, ne t’inquiète pas, on aura toujours Paris !
    Je crois que je veux me remarier pour avoir la même lune du miel que toi ;)
    Bon weekend Erin !

  2. there’s nothing like luxurious hotel bedding, i can’t even imagine what the king george was like. i would’ve staved off sleep to enjoy all the amenities as long as possible too! but how great is it that you can buy the bedding for your own home! it may be pricey but really, what is the true value of a good night’s sleep? i think it’s a great investment. in fact, i might have to check that out (link please!) hehehe

  3. J’aurai bien voulu une photo de ce lit si extraordinaire et de ses oreillers….Votre lune de miel a été parfaite , félicitations !

  4. Ha! This post just reminded me about when we were in Germany (years ago), I fell in love with the European square pillows we had everywhere we stayed. Neel’s boss was at the time German, and she snagged us pillows from “the homeland” as a present that Christmas. I loved those pillows. It’s been almost 15 years so they’re long gone, as they should be, but I could totally go for some all over again.

  5. one of these days i need to invest in some really fabulous pillows. i am constantly replacing my bed pillows – though i haven’t tried any in that price range yet. maybe i will need to try that someday. ps i love that first photo! xo

  6. Just checked out your post about Brussels. I was there a couple of months ago, and totally agree – it’s rough and dirty! Your photos put mine to shame though.

  7. We’ve bought our pillows from IKEA and Bed Bath & Beyond in the past, but they’ve rarely held up more than two years. Earlier this year I finally splurged on some memory foam pillows and I AM IN LOVE. I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. Shawn doesn’t love his nearly as much, but psh, he can buy the next set.

  8. Wood chevron pattern floors are my weakness! How on earth did you not fall asleep with a bed like that in the vicinity? I would have had to get out of the hotel for fear of snoozing for a year and missing my flight.

  9. How lovely. Nice linen is a key factor to a good night’s sleep. I realized this when we bought a discounted linen set in IKEA a few months ago. Let’s just say there was a good reason why it was discounted. Never again.

    On another note, while I was browsing YouTube for no particular reason (actually, it has a name: procrastination), I saw a video of Gary Oldman on the Graham Norton Show, where he talked about his Role of Duty role. It made me laugh (a lot) and made me think of you (a lot). I just can’t see Gary Oldman without thinking of you, Erin! :)

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