Athens, pt. 2


Fish Market

Fish Market


Thissio, Athens

Punch buggy

Wine Bar, Plaka

The Acropolis

On Saturday, we went to the Athens Central Market, the long (and loud) halls of fish mongers, butchers, and produce stands. While not a typical tourist destination, multiple guidebooks (and Trip Advisor) recommend a visit if you’re in town. And what a neat experience it was! Purveyors shout their prices over one another, throw fresh buckets of ice on top of their displays, slice open fish right in front of you. Who knows what goes on in the butcher stalls, because I gave them a wide berth and refused to venture down those aisles. Some things are better left unexplored, yes?

I should mention that this was Jamal’s second trip to the Market that day; unable to adjust to the new time zone and sleep in, he had gone bright and early at 7:15am. I, on the other hand, have no such issue when it comes to sleep. Ever. I might as well be a particularly narcoleptic Sleeping Beauty. So when you throw in a 9hr plane ride and a 7hr time difference on top of my normal snooziness, plus the fact that we were on vacation, I was happy to catch the second, later showing of Jamal’s Great Market Adventure. But really, you have to go if you can. It was here that we bought all the ingredients for our dinner. We might have been the only tourists in the place, made all the more obvious when Jamal was yelled at for handling the produce before buying. That was a fun cultural difference; at our market in Philly, you’re encouraged to fondle all the tomatoes you want before handing them to the vendor to weigh and bag them for you. In Athens, that will earn you a stern, “DO NOT TOUCH,” from a gruff Greek produce man. We are still laughing about it. Jamal got in trouble!

We were only in Athens Friday and Saturday before flying to Santorini at the ungodly hour of 6am on Sunday morning. Photos from the island all next week (and maybe the week after that), pinky promise.

Have a good weekend, kiddos!

10 thoughts on “Athens, pt. 2

  1. i love these market photos – it looks so lively and bustling. and thank for the insider scoop to definitely not touch any produce if i ever make it to a greek market. the other images with the little vignettes of are so quaint – i suppose i never imaged greece that way (more the market/bottom photo is what i pictured), so it’s neat to see this whole other side. i am very impressed with your sleeping ability! i cannot sleep very well. i mean when i sleep, i fall asleep fast and i sleep very sound, but i don’t like sleep. can’t sleep in and hate naps with a passion. sometimes i really wish i could embrace my sleepy side a bit more. xo

  2. Hahaha! I’m totally a produce fondler and I get upset when I shop at markets where I’m not allowed to choose my own produce. How will I know if it’s the perfect amount of ripeness for my tastes?

  3. I get yelled at for touching produce at a market too. I don’t remember where to. a funny concept, no? why would I want to buy something without having a closer look. I love wet markets. I go to ours here almost every day for breakfast.

    can’t wait to see more pics. Santorini is beautiful. I want to go too… xoxo

  4. Je suis jalouse Erin ! J’aurais aimée être la ! c’est tellement beau, maintenant je parle à mon mari touts les jours de la Grèce et je veux continué jusqu’à qu’il m’amène ;) Bon weekend ! xo

  5. The last time I was at that market I was in college. We stayed in hotels, but spent our days at The Athens Center and would pick up food and snacks for the day. Now it’s different. Traveling with children is a *very* changed experience from traveling on your own, and paths of least resistance are always the best paths to travel now. Those paths converge more and more the older Cal gets, but with such limited time in Athens (always), it’s all about the Parthenon, all the time. I’m planting seeds for other things for our next trip though.

  6. I’m always off to the market, whatever city I’m in, simply because food delights and the weirder, the better. Tsk tsk Jamal :)

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