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I have a million things to say about Saturday, about how perfect and wonderful and amazing and smiley and gorgeous everything was; about how I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat; about how I was wrong (I admit it!) to be as unenthused as I was leading up to it; about how my bridesmaids are divine angels who kept me laughing and relaxed the entire day, from 10am at the hair salon with my favorite bagels and quoting movies left and right, to a dance party to the Spice Girls just minutes before we went downstairs and lined up with the guys; about how I wouldn’t change a single thing, not even the rain because it was moody and delicious; about how I lost my voice from singing all night on the dance floor; about how my new husband (!!!) and I ate a hoagie at 2am on the floor of our hotel suite…but I haven’t even begun to come down off this cloud of dizzy joy to process everything. So instead, here is a sneak preview of our wedding photos, provided by our photographer just two days after the wedding. Inna shot our engagement photos as well (one year ago tomorrow, in fact!), and I don’t know why I was surprised by how perfect her photos from Saturday are, but I’m simply awestruck.

I’ll be back soon with details of the day, our vendors, the timeline, fun recollections, but this will have to do for today.

I’m married!

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  1. I’m not going to say I told you so… So I’ll just say that I loved, that as we drove up in the rain, knowing that you’d love the weather and how great the light would be. Happy, happy day.XOXOXOXO

    1. The light!! I had secretly wished for rain, and everyone kept saying, “No! It will be beautiful! Don’t worry!!” ignoring the weather forecasts entirely. I won ;) xo

  2. Félicitations Erin ! Tes photos sont le plus belles que j’en jamais vu! Elles sont magnifiques! Vous êtes touts les deux beaux, élégants et so chic ! Je crois que dans les photos on peut voir la complicité qui a entre vous et bien sûr l’amour !
    Comment tu va l’appelé maintenant dans le blog? Jamal? Mr. Erin? Your husband?….
    Je vous souhaite plein de bonheur :) xoxo

    1. Merci, Eva!! Haha, Mr. Erin!! Je pense que je vais lui appeller Jamal, comme d’hab. Ou, peut etre, Monsieur Jamal. Ooh! Monsieur. Mon monsieur. J’aime ça! Merci merci merci xoxo

  3. congratulations! these pictures are absolutely gorgeous. and how perfect is that rain? it all looks absolutely magical. i love the top and bottom photos. the umbrella. the book. i can’t wait to see more and so happy to hear that you enjoyed it all. xo

  4. yay!! congratulations again. yeesh, what a handsome couple you two make! these photos are fabulous and major props to your girl inna for getting the images back to you that fast!
    so glad to know the celebration was everything it ought to be, can’t wait to see more!

  5. What a stunning couple, you both look amazing and in such a lush green beautiful backdrop. Wonderful dress and hair and sooo you. Congratulations, wishing you lots of future happiness. Can’t wait to see and read more, vite! And your new moniker is Mrs Jamal? ;)

    1. Thank you, darling. Can you believe the venue was in the middle of downtown? With a garden like that it is totally deceiving. More photos and stories forthcoming! I’m sticking with my maiden name, but Mrs. Jamal has a nice ring to it!! xo

  6. Congrats again! Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I’m so happy that it was everything you hoped it would be and more (which is what I wish for your marriage as well)

    1. Thank you, Roothers!! What a lovely sentiment. If the rest of the marriage was as wonderful as the first day, we will be golden :) xo

  7. I thought of you Saturday because I was in Philly very much not enjoying the rain, but it turned out SO incredible in these pictures!! Those photos are just perfect and I’m so, so glad you enjoyed all of it. In your recap, tell us about the dress in the last photo! You look like Kate Middleton, except better obvi. I’m so happy for you! You deserve the best and I’m soooo happy you got it. xoxoxoxo

    1. Honestly, I didn’t even notice the rain! We were at the salon the whole morning, and then swooning about the venue the rest of the day before the ceremony. It wasn’t until we started taking photos, and honestly, we know how I feel about the sun. The awful, skin-burning, hot sun ;) I was happy with the rain! And the light couldn’t be beat!
      I just died at the Kate Middleton compliment. You are blind and way too nice!! xoxo

    1. I felt very “Alanis Morrisette” the whole day, belting out the words to “Ironic,” haha. Thank you so much, Rachel! xo

  8. You’re married!!!! I have a daughter and a son (in law)!!!! The day was perfect. The evening was perfect. You were gorgeous! I’m not prejudice!

    1. The whole thing really was perfect!! For all the stressing and planning leading up to the day, I was so happy with how everything worked out. Everyone had such a good time! xo

  9. Stunning! I’m so happy it was such a wonderful day for you! Take a deep breath…. the wedding planning is over! Welcome to the fun part of marriage ;)

  10. beautiful. beautiful. beautiful. it looks absolutely perfect. and the rainy mood suits you wonderfully. and your dresses. especially the grey one. stunning. I’m so happy for you. all the best to you and Jamal xoxoxo

  11. i’ve been waiting for these previews! i’m with those above – your smile in these photos is contagious! it rained on my wedding day too and it was perfect, i like the mood it brings too :) i can’t wait to hear more, and i can totally relate to that high you get with everything flashing back in your head after it all happens. it’s an incredible day! congrats xo!

    1. Thank youuu!! I like rain too much to have been bummed about it on Saturday, except that I was worried it would melt all the hairspray on my mane, haha. More photos and stories to come!! xo

  12. Wow, congratulations and wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness and togetherness. You look beautiful and so happy x

  13. I’m not the type to gush, but that last photo- gahhh. You look like the future queen of Monaco or something. And what a beautiful setting. I hope you and Sqamal are blissfully happy for the rest of your days, you lovelies!

    1. D’aww thanks, Süskins! I’ll take the future queen of Monaco over the reality of that photo: a sweaty, slightly tipsy, definitely exhausted bride. Sqamal says merci!! xo

  14. The photos atre beautiful, you are gorgeous, and that lost photo of you and JAMAL in the library. I CAN’T EVEN!

  15. Late to the party on this, but wow, such a gorgeous day from these photos! I know people always hope for absolutely clear skies and tons of sunshine, but when I get married I’d be a-ok if it rained. Everything from your dress to his suit to the venue is the very definition of elegance.

    1. The rain was such a gift, honestly! It kept things cool and not humid, and the liiiiight! You’re so sweet, Hillary! I was pretty smitten with his suit, too! xo

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