Off to Greece!

Off to Greece!

Sorry for the radio silence around here this week, kiddos. We are leaving for our honeymoon today! The past few days have been a flurry of activity and working long hours and laundry and packing 10 days worth of clothing into a carry-on suitcase. My luck with checked luggage is beyond awful; on my trip to Paris this year two different airlines managed to lose my suitcase for a combined 72 hours, both flying there and coming home. I’m not taking any chances on the honeymoon. Nothing says romance like wearing t-shirts from tourists shops in Athens for the whole trip.

Our itinerary has us flying directly into Athens for two days, and then heading to Santorini where we are doing absolutely nothing for six days, and then back to Athens for a day and a half. I have a few light posts lined up for next week, but I’ll be on Instagram for sure.

Have a great week!

16 thoughts on “Off to Greece!

  1. HA! I just commented on another post about what a horrible overpacker I am. Our trips have been so long lately, but the good thing about Greece is that the layers are light and clothes (and sandals) are cheap. :)

    Have so much fun. Pop an ice cube in your ouzo and soak up all that gorgeous light. XO

  2. This is so exciting! Please take lots of photos to share when you come back – I have always wanted to visit Greece! Enjoy and relax relax relax xo

  3. oh! i am so excited for you!! my wish list goes something like this france, greece, italy . . . so if you just make it to italy next, i can live right through you my twinsy. but greece, oh i really, really want to go to greece. i have a minor in philosophy and was obsessed with greek mythology when i was a kid (my grandfather taught greek and norse myth at the art academy), so needless to say it’s been on my list for years. i did fly over it once and just the sight from the plane was breathtaking. all blue and white sparkles. i can’t wait for greece pictures and to hear all about it. have so much fun!! and give a holla to Socrates for me.

  4. Airlines have been terrible with my bags as well. They’ve only lost my luggage once, but I always seem to be the one that gets picked to have their carry on bag sifted and picked through… and you know they never ever put things back in as neatly as I packed them! Needless to say, I’m a fan of the ‘less is more’ practice when it comes to packing my carry on. And I’m wary of checking any bags.

    Have an awesome honeymoon!! Relax, and don’t stop smiling!

  5. Your Instagram photos have been nothing short of fabulous :-) Hope you two are having the time of your lives and letting all that wedding stress melt away!!

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